Midjourney AI - a fresh lesson in AI art

A few weeks ago while rummaging through the depths of the internet, I was on the prowl for an AI tool that would convert my thoughts into colour, hopefully colour that I could further sell to my audience. A couple of different AIs and websites later, I found myself inside of a discord server, something that called itself Midjourney?. As I went through the prompt results I soon realised this is what I was looking for.

Midjourney is an independent research project exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

They are a small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI. But what really stands out are the design outputs from even seemingly simple commands. Prompt / a green forest with pink skies with reflection in lake 4k realistic quality

I thought I had chanced upon something brilliant. My instincts took over and I churned out picture after picture, learning the intricacies of mid journey along the way.
At the time of writing, the server has over 200,000 people creating art from their thoughts. As I was truly getting comfortable with the AI, I reached the free user limit. As a free user you can prompt, improve quality and generate variations for upto 25 pictures, following which you will need to subscribe using the /subscribe prompt. At the time of writing, mid journey offers two paid tiers- one at 10 dollars a month with pictures limited to 200 per month, and the other with unlimited content generation at 30 dollars a month. Note that the paid tiers provide services in terms of GPU minutes and the pictures generated are an estimate.


1 the best AI on the market for realistic high quality content generation using text prompts 

2 the paid tiers are reasonably priced 

3 easy enough to use

4 fast picture generation time 

5 authentic content, changes with even minute prompt changes 



1 built on a discord server, no website usage 

2 pictures you generate are open to be seen and used by anyone 

3 limited number of images in free tier 

4 large number of people using the AI dilutes value of similar art in the market 



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Learnings of the Kharmonkey
Learnings of the Kharmonkey

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