Why I'm not worried about Bitcoin - and neither should you!

By KnightMare | LearningCrypto | 18 Apr 2022

It has been a wild rollercoaster. Depending on when you joined, you have either had more ups or more downs. But regardless of when you joined, you are part of a key moment in future history.

Just 15 years, in 2007, we saw the beginning of a financial event that rocked our understanding of finance and economics. Not just in one country, but across the world. And have we honestly learned anything? Not really.

What I learned is that greed is still a driver for many people and I can understand why.


Now, why am I not worried about Bitcoin's price action lately? Because I am not being led by greed.

To stabilise myself, I've applied the following 3 principles:

- Define a target (e.g. Exit strategy, both up and down)

- Diversify (e.g. Crypto, real-estate and shares)

- Risk-appetite (e.g. be honest with myself about how much emotion I can handle)

I anticipated that Bitcoin would be a rollercoaster and that rollercoaster fits into my risk-appetite and target.


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