Ghost Trader - They did it again, 4.63% in August

By KnightMare | LearningCrypto | 2 Sep 2022

Some of you might have read my previous article about Ghost Trader. They were successful again in August, which is amazing if you consider how red the market has been and August is usually a slow month.

That brings them to a total of 41.15% in 2022 so far. Much better than I could ever do.




If you aren't aware about Ghost Trader, here is my previous article .  In summary, by either owning their token ( GTR on Binance-chain) or their NFT ( link ), you are qualified to receive rewards. For NFT's, you will get either 52,5% (gold NFT) or 50% ( Silver NFT ) of the trading profit % applied to your NFT stake.  You can always deposit more or withdraw the amounts.


Have a look, I know that I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do for the rest of the year.


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