As a test, I turned 8 BUSD into 14 BUSD. Want to invest more!

By KnightMare | LearningCrypto | 24 Nov 2022

As some of you may remember, I came across a starting cryptogame (I still call them Faucets) BUSD Kingdom and wrote about it in the Collect 3% every 24 hours post.


I tried it out and bought 1 tower for 8 BUSD to try it out. You should be collecting every 24 hours, but life happens and I didn't always do so. Nevertheless, It's accumulated nicely to 14 BUSD now. 

I'll use the funds to upgrade the tower, increasing the daily yield from 3% to 3.2%. In addition, I will invest into the #2 tower at level 1, which is at a 3.36% yield daily.


The investment will be paid back within the month, which will then allow me to use the funds to upgrade another tower. Have you looked at BUSD Kingdom yet?

Will keep you up to date with how it goes.

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