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By KnightMare | LearningCrypto | 19 Apr 2022

There are too many opportunities out there and I'm always choosing the less successful ones.

That is what often goes through my mind when I read another success-story of a crypto that went 200x at launch.
"Why does that never happen to me?"
"How do they get to be so lucky?"
"If only I had put more in that one and not in this one?"


It's in these moments that I have to ground myself again and try to not let emotions and biases lead me. Emotions can be felt and recognised. For me, feeling and recognising biases is much more difficult. I use the following website to try and help me, which it does sometimes.


See the source image

See the source image

Here are my 3 steps to deal with the main topic of this post:

- Clearly define a strategy that is targeted at reaching the goal you set yourself
- Reflect if the goal and strategy are still appropriate or need adjusting
- Be honest with yourself if any emotions or biases are influencing step 1 and/or 2

Hope this will help you as well.



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