What I have been doing with my time for the last month

By Frank White | Learning THE CODE | 18 Oct 2019

After almost giving up on any further blogging or interaction besides auto curation rewards on steemit.com , I have decided to drop a lil something for any who may be interested.
I am always on the pursuit of a better life for me and my family. I once saw this place and the projects that i got involved with here as opportunity to do things I care about and profit & enrich others with crypto.
I gave my all in the ventures through PAL then CANNA CURATE. The radio shows and my own series of CHRONIC & COFFEE took all the free time I had between work and parental responsibilities. There was a ton of fun as well as potential for success in both of those places. When neither worked as I had hoped it was a huge disappointment.

I realize this is a disappointment in the return of my time and energy invested, not either of those communities.

With Green House Radio Online I saw a legitimate opportunity to form a entertainment based business where crypto would pay the staff as well as enrich the communities it served. I had hopes to obtain proper music licensing to further the reach and grow a audience outside of the discord community . This did not work out.
After all this , I have all but given up on THIS type of personal involvement.
I have decided to become selfish and focus on my self.
In search of finding something with a future as well as in the field I am interested in, I have joined a Full Stack Development Course through online school Bottega.


The short description of this is to learn to write the code that is behind the back end development of websites.
My attraction to learn this is based on my interest in how things work as well as obtaining a lucrative career in this area. Entry level salaries for this position starts around $50k a year with experienced developers on the high end of $80k to over $100k a year. The school I have enrolled in has a deferred payment tuition plan that relies on your completion and successful employment in the field to pay back in the form of income percentage shares. So when I complete the course and IF i get a job in the development field I will then give a percentage of my earnings directly to Bottega until I have paid the cost of tuition. There are other direct payment plans that will be cheaper but require payment upfront.

At this point I am 2 weeks deep in the Pre-Course Introduction to Coding Bootcamp and learning the basics of coding through html , css on the Visual Studio Code program. At the just about halfway point I parroted the instructions and built out roughly 90 percent of the demo website in the course. For a first time 'coder' this has been both fulfilling and challenging. I have attached a short visual of both the product and the code for a more in depth feel of what I am saying.


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Frank White
Frank White

In search of happiness through pursuing the things I am passionate about. I have been a musician, internet radio founder and show host. I have a drive to protect Liberty as well as FREE the plant known as cannabis for ALL.

Learning THE CODE
Learning THE CODE

I have begun a new life path as well as career path with enrolling into a online coding course.

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