$7.5m Series A funding to support Axie Infinity

By Wyem | Learning_crypto | 12 May 2021


Axie Infinity is planning on scaling to millions of users with something they call free to play to earn. This gives your everyday casual gamer the chance to experience the Axie Universe without making any economic decisions. Currently you have to invest a few hundred dollars to form a cheap team of 3 Axies without having played the game. This is a huge step to bring in more users by giving them a special free team of Axies but as of right now there is no estimated date. This is one of many things they are using this funding for. Other future plans include user generated content and a world class creator program. The main focus is lowering barrier to entry, making the game funner, and scaling play to earn.

I am excited for the future of Axie Online and I think they have a lot of potential. The idea of having an NFT that you can use for a game is going to become more saturated but the axies brand, originality, and experience of the Sky Mavis team is sure to set them apart from their competitors.

For more information check out their official post on the matter.


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