Axies prices down 20-25%

By Wyem | Learning_crypto | 11 May 2021

Play to earn is becoming more affordable for the casual crypto enthusiast to get into thanks to the Ronin sidechain.


What is Axies?

Axies Infinity is a game in which players collect, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies. There is a play to earn aspect meaning you can make money from the game in multiple ways. You can breed/sell Axies in the marketplace or you can earn AXS and SLP tokens.


What is Ronin and why should I care?

Ronin is Axies Ethereum sidechain.
ETH gas fees make it very hard for someone on a budget to interact with the blockchain but Axies Infinity is trying to change that with their Ronin layer. It will dramatically cut the gas cost associated with blockchain gaming and give more incentive to breed and sell Axies but amid the Ronin upgrade SLP (Smooth Love Potions) has not been claim able and there is speculation that Axies will only get cheaper as more people breed with their SLP now.


Prices as of today.


The cheapest Axie I could find yesterday was for 125$ In the Axie marketplace. I checked today and saw a significant price drop and did some research and as of today SLP is claim able and I have a feeling the market is going to become more affordable. Earlier today this was the cheapest Axie on the market.

It sold for 0.0233 ETH which equaled roughly $92.89. That's a 25% decrease in one day. The screenshot above is what is currently available on the market. I'm not sure what the future holds but hopefully this is a sign the market is becoming more affordable. Keep an eye on those Axies and remember to research if an Axie is right for your team! Cheapest is not always best.

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