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By andrianlover | Learn from Contest | 27 Mar 2021

Presearch came and caused an uproar recently. Even though it's still a new type. Presearch gives hope of unifying decentralized search engine functions and providing free tokens as a token of appreciation to users. However, before discussing about Presearch. We will look at a comparison with previous search engines. I chose to compare Presearch with google or yahoo.

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World's First Rank Search Engine

We all know that the number one search engine today is google. From the information provided by the team from google, that google was founded on September 4, 1998, that was about 22 years ago. Then we look for information about google, from its search engine we will find that google is run by 132,121 employees. At the start of its launch, Google's goal was an engine that collects all the information in the world and provides that information to searchers, like us. The existence of google monopolizes the benefits of information search.

Google is not only a search engine, more than that, Google provides electronic mail services (gmail), software, web-based browser applications, until it has entered the generation that has become an operating engine for Android on mobile phones. Google also provides translation services to make it easier for us to read articles from any language in the world. Then, there is google news which provides news recommendations to searchers. So, we can read news that suits our wants and needs.

Google also provides directions and maps services, as well as google earth. With this service, we can search for someone's address or use directions from Google to get to a location or area that is new to us. In fact, Google Earth nicely shows a visualization of locations in the world. In addition, Google also provides typing and document storage as well as data storage. All of that is the result of 22 years of hard work by Google. During that time, Google has benefited tremendously.

The Lost Rival

So far, Google is competing with Yahoo. Actually, through a search engine, I found that yahoo has been established since March 2, 1995. This means that Yahoo is 3 years older than Google. As a search engine, Yahoo provides almost the same services as Google. Although google services are on a different level. Better than the first, in my opinion.

We can find information about yahoo and the reason for the destruction of this search engine. If we look, there is an internal problem that makes yahoo end. Yahoo can not provide anything different from google. There is no team ability that makes Yahoo! to return its power as a competitor to Google. Internal conflicts and weaknesses in innovation make Yahoo like a dinosaur who must accept defeat because it is unable to keep up and adapt to the times.


The Search Engines of the Future

Yahoo is already out of the competition on the charts singing the tune of the best search engine in the world. Currently, a newcomer has come from the future. We are proud to introduce Presearch to everyone who lives on the internet, browse fast, and provide benefits that will add to the contents of your wallet.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine, using technology from blockchain and supporting the concept of digital currency. Every time you look for something in search, you will get a gift in the form of a token. You know, this is the advantage of presearch that is not yet on Yahoo and Google. A search engine that provides prizes that can be exchanged for use of the best functions or into savings for seekers.

Presearch says: come to me and use me then I give tokens to you

Every time you do an activity to search for anything, Presearch gives a 0.25 PRE reward to the user. Can you imagine how many tokens you will get in one day?

Bonus for New Users: Sign up to Presearch by using this link, and get 25 PRE tokens

Another comparison is age, Google is 22 years old while the Presearch concept was present in 2017. I know, Presearch is still a baby and against a giant who has 22 years of monopolizing information with the freedom to share our personal data. Therefore, a decentralized system that is independent from Presearch is considered better for keeping our data safe.

How can we use Presearch as the main search engine? You still have to use chromium. Then set Presearch as the primary search. You can easily register and benefit from Presearch.

Is It Really Beneficial?

There are indeed many concerns from the new system. We don't really believe in anything new. Because there is a lot of junk and data theft by giving our data on the internet. So, we need a system that is very easy and with minimum limits that can give trust to users. That is a basic law in the cryptocurrency world.

For that, we recommend that you hold the assets that you get from Presearch. The reason is so that you get the right price. Like you are saving in the bank. You only need to deposit PRE which is free through the search activity in Presearch. So, if you save at the bank by depositing your money. At Presearch, your deposits are activities at Presearch.

Bonus for New Users: Sign up to Presearch by using this link, and get 25 PRE tokens

However, to withdraw PREs from Presearch, you must first have 1,000 PREs. After that, you will get confirmation from Presearch. If not, you keep doing searches on Presearch until you get 1,000 PREs. The team from Presearch will see if we are users who enjoy search engines or just want PRE. I suggest that we use Presearch every day. It doesn't take 24 hours, you just use Presearch as long as you can every day. That way, 1,000 PREs will be fulfilled without us knowing it.



I'm not an expert in blockchain or cryptocurrency. You have to use the opportunities you get. However, Presearch has provided a lot of information on Publish0x and on Yotube broadcasts. You have the right to believe it or not. However, we can get opportunities and accept every risk.

Presearch is new and I don't know how to pull out the PRE I got. We can find information about that. What you need to remember is don't wait for other people to succeed in Presearch. You must have the confidence to use and be an ambassador at Presearch. You can form a community to speed up Presearch to take over the first position on the list of search engines in the world.

Bonus for New Users: Sign up to Presearch by using this link, and get 25 PRE tokens



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