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Honeygain - passive income, effortlessly by sharing your unused internet - my FIRST payout WITH PROOF!

By ntz | learn! & earn! | 10 Oct 2021

Some time ago I had my first successful payout from Honeygain. I've waited publishing this article because I wanted to make sure everything I write about is legit and I can say 100% you will get paid. I did the same with my Brave article - it's a naturalness for me to give you decent information. 

Honeygain is a program for Windows, MAC, Android or iOS were you can share your unused internet traffic to get some passive income. On a regular day, 8 hours of work, I'm sharing about 400 MB which equals 40 CR (Credits) on my laptop. My old tablet runs 24/7 and gets a bit more, something between 350 - 550 MB (mobile devices seems to share less traffic sometimes). You can connect several devices to one account - but only 2 devices per network will earn credits, means you can have limitless devices if you have several networks. My first day with Honeygain was 5 months ago and yesterday I had my first payout ever. The minimum payout is 20$. For doing nothing, not even wasting anything like electricity, 20$ in 5 month seems fair to me. 


As you can see I received about 14.30€ or $16.50. So about $3.5 were fees. The next time I will try the BTC payout for sure!

For signing up with an ref-link you will even get 5$ as signup bonus and you can claim 10 - 100 credits everyday for free with the "lucky draw". All in all I think it's an effortless way to get some passive money.

Check it out yourself :)

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, regards ntz   


passiv income I use:
  • Honeygain           - sharing traffic (5$ signup bonus!)
  • Brave                    - secure, fast, private browser with crypto income
  • Presearch             - search engine with crypto income I use with Brave (25PRE bonus!)
other ways to gain crypto free:
  •            - post about everything and gain BCH
  •             - similar to
  • pipeflare faucet   - 24h faucet for ZEC, Doge and FLR
  • Torum                  - crypto social media platform with own currency
  •        - social platform, get paid for interacting
learn and earn:

remember im not a financial advisor

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learn! & earn!
learn! & earn!

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