Earn $5 - $25 worth of CRU (Crust Network) on Coinmarketcap!

By ntz | learn! & earn! | 2 Sep 2021

Today on Learn! & Earn! we can get $5 ~ $25 worth of CRU on CoinMarketCap!

There is a new lesson available on CMC starting on 2nd September 12:00 UTC. As always on CMC you have to take a quiz to get your rewards.

The answers to the quiz are not known yet. To get you started I will summarize Crust for you! But, as always, I recommend to read the lessons because knowledge is power in my eyes!

1.) Which storage layer protocol currently Crust provides an incentive layer for?


2.) What technical framework is used to build the Crust public chain?

Polkadot Substrate

3.) What is the number of tokens generated when the Crust mainnet is launched?


4.) In the Crust incentive consensus mechanism, what does the staking limit of a node depend on?

Storage capacity

5.) In what year and month did Crust open its storage function?

Jun 2021 or Feb 2021 - read urself please, im not sure here

6.) Which application has used Crust storage to deploy Dapp?


7.) In which month and year will the Crust mainnet go live?

Sep 2021

Good luck!

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, regards ntz   


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remember im not a financial advisor

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learn! & earn!
learn! & earn!

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