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From 133.49% to 277.76% by auto-compounding ROUTE-DFYN LP rewards on

By cLEarn | LEARN CRYPTO | 21 Nov 2021

How to auto-compound ROUTE-DFYN LP on ?

Below are some simple steps to start earning even more from your rewards if you already farm on Dfyn Network or even if you want to invest now first time.
Before we start let's learn what are DFYN NETWORK and ROUTER PROTOCOL projects;


DFYN NETWORK is a Multi-Chain DEX. Launched initially on Polygon, Dfyn is also on other chains. Its innovation is in supporting ultra-fast, gasless transactions atop multiple chains.


ROUTER PROTOCOL is a crosschain liquidity aggregator. It does smart order routing accross various DEXes on different blockchains.


By providing liquidity for these two tokens, you earn if their prices rise and also earn an auto-compounded reward APY on top which KogeFarm harvests and compounds for you. 


From 133% native APR to 277% via auto-compound smart contracts on Kogefarm


First you must be sure of following things:
That you you are using Polygon (Matic) Network from you’re wallet. We will use MetaMask Wallet for this example.
If you are not sure of your actions , check Kogefarm Youtube Quickstart playlist

Let’s start: 


1️⃣ Head to and connect your wallet:


Connect with your Metamask to Kogefarm


2️⃣ Search for your assets/liquidity pools desired to be auto-compounded via Kogefarm . In our case will be ROUTE-DFYN LP. After matching , enable the vault and sign the approval transaction on your Metamask:

1*KRalH6WEFhV877hRyM7uqQ.png Approve and enable vault 1*M20sk8VNITfEB4BqHacfVQ.png Sign approval through your Metamask


3️⃣ Now, if you have LP’s ready to be auto-compounded, head to next step. If you need to create it , let’s see how to do that:

  1. Expand the vault
  2. Click on Get ROUTE-DFYN



 Add tokens in LP. You will be re-directed to DFYN Exchange where you will have to add liquidity beetween DFYN and ROUTE.

In case you do not have DFYN and ROUTE you will have to swap via and get some DFYN and ROUTE assets in order to add in above liquidity pair.

1*ER77mWvRDR3qF2cmde9wrg.png Swap Assets on DFYN Exchange


Now that you bought both ROUTE and DFYN you can go at DFYN and Add Liquidity by supplying assets ( sign via Metamask ) 

Supply ROUTE-DFYN Liquidity Pair with $Route and $Dfyn Supply Liquidity Pair

1*nFj30mL97qXbsOvmsxM-4w.png Your pool share confirmation

4.Now that you succesfully have LP created you can go back to Kogefarm on ROUTE-DFYN Vault and deposit your LP Tokens created earlier ( 1.401 LP Tokens ) :


A.Click on Deposit
B.Select max to add all your LP tokens and click submit
C.Sign Transaction via Metamask

1*-dOctNzBsR1oz80R0nGd8w.png A and B 1*-1SaokHBrim3yzg_pJcpOA.png C


Congratulations , instead of 133.49% you are now earning 277.76% in a secure and cheap way.


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