Robinhood adds 11 BTC spot ETFs to trade with!

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As we enjoyed and rejoiced over the acceptance of the BTC ETF by the SEC, there has been a wide range of rally in the crypto markets. 

Post acceptance of the BTC ETFs, in an interesting move by Robinhood Crypto platform added all 11 approved BTC Spot ETFs for trading. 


It is to be noted that Robinhood is a popular trading app, most notably for first-time investors. In addition to offering easy-to-use crypto trading, Robinhood users can also buy and sell stocks, options, and ETFs.

Interestingly Robinhood platform offers the lowest cost to trade cryptos on an average. 

Post this inclusion, the investors can invest in this ETF model in Cryptos without any direct exposure to the direct crypto assets purchase. This move would increase the investor base and exposure into the crypto assets especially in BTC as of now.  

But, we should all understand that the risks that are associated with this crypto investments due to the crypto volatility in nature. 

With the implementation and swift adaptability by Robinhood makes that as a unique one in the trading arena. 

Post approval of the BTC ETF, we can expect many more similar kind of crypto ETFs in various crypto coins would be emerge in the future. 

Many investments especially from the institutional level across the globe would also be pumping in the crypto markets directly and through the Asset Management Companies that are having the BTC ETFs at present. 

We do anticipate 2024 would bring cheers into the lives of crypto traders and investors unlike we have witnessed in the year 2022. 



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