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By Lazybust | Learn anyway! | 16 Jan 2022

I have tried many things to learn about crypto and how to succeed. While my research I found many books helpful when investing and I will suggest you some here. Since I am here to share and be helpful of all of you! 


Here are some books suggest you to read!


  1. Bitcoin for Dummies 


With easy and clear explanation and advice from experts,  Bitcoin for Dummies is an easy way to start crytpo currency trading. 

Its very complicated to understand mechanism of bitcoin, but this book gives you a solid information and you know where your money is going with easy to understand language. You will learn details and how to start your wallet and anything for you to start trading.


  • Understand the ins and outs of the Bitcoin market
  • Learn how to set up your Bitcoin wallet
  • Protect yourself against fraud and theft
  • Get started trading this exciting new currency

/Source Google books


2. The Everything to Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency 


With you you will learn about, The different major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. Also it indicates, where to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely and securely. Lastly, you will learn properly analyzing investments 


3. Blockchain for Dummies 


When you investing in crypto currencies, you should understand what Blockchain is. This book teaches you what Blockchain is, how it works and what it can do to you. Blockchain For Dummies covers the essential things you need to know about this exciting technology's promise of revolutionizing financial transactions, data security, and information integrity. The book covers the technologies behind Blockchain, introduces a variety of existing Blockchain solutions, and even walks you through creating a small but working Blockchain-based application.


I will give more books in my next post. 


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Learn anyway!
Learn anyway!

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