Odysee | GANAR Lbry Credits (LBC) viendo vídeos

Odysee It is a decentralized platform in which we can earn LBC cryptocurrency totally free. Odysee is a great multimedia library in which everyone can both create a channel and share its content as well as view the content of other authors. Odysee's internal cryptocurrency are known as Lbry Credits, which we can get for free in several ways. The highlight is that LBCs are listed on Coinmarketcap and available on various exchanges, so that it is possible to sell them for Tether or even exchange them for BTC or any other cryptocurrency. It would be good for YouTube to pay us to watch videos, right? Well, in Odysee exactly that happens! And best of all, it is very easy to use. In this tutorial in Spanish we will see how Odysee works, how to withdraw the profits and how to transfer the Lbry Credits to another cryptocurrency.

What is it Odysee  

Odysee is an audiovisual platform where people from all over the world can publish content and offer it for free or sell it at a specified price. The strong point of Odysee compared to other multimedia platforms is that it uses Blockchain technology, so it does not depend on third parties. This, among other things, implies that there is no censorship. It is the user community itself that decides which content is relevant and which is not. Also, unlike what happens on YouTube, at Odysee we all earn money on Lbry Credits. Both users who create content and users who view the content of others.  

Odysee is the evolution of the Lbry TV platform, which has become obsolete. We could say that Odysee is version 2.0 of Lbry TV. And in fact, both its CEO, Jeremy Kauffman, and its Technical Director, Alex Grintsvayg, as well as the team in charge of managing the site, are the same as in Lbry TV.  

By using Blockchain technology, Odysee's potential is limitless. By boat soon, it can serve as a shuttle for authors and content creators. We can publish videos, songs, podcasts and movies completely freely. And since it does not depend on third parties, companies or organizations, nobody can censor the content. Whatever the theme. This has a very positive impact on both the author and the community. The author can publish a work, get it to have visibility and receive a 100% clean economic benefit that should not be shared with anyone. And the community is free to watch what they want, as no one will remove or censor content.  

How does it work Odysee  

To explain how Odysee works I am going to use a couple of examples, which will always be much better understood. Suppose someone wants to have a conspiracy channel in which he talks about sensitive topics or that may hurt the sensibilities of other people. Depending on where you want to create that channel and post your videos, you will encounter several obstacles. And it is more than likely that they will censor you. In Odysee that does not happen. Users are free to post and choose the content they want to see.  

Another very relevant aspect of Odysee is that it allows content to be priced. In this way, if we want, we can publish a video, a song or a movie, and if someone wants to see it, they have to pay for it. This fact is very favorable for independent authors. For example, a singer who wants to make himself known by uploading his demo. The main obstacle for someone who is not known to the general public is mainly that they do not have the economic resources to promote themselves. In this sense, as Odysee is free, you can open a channel and upload your songs there. And if you like your music, it is very possible that you will make money from it. Either setting a price. Or not by posting it and accepting donations from other users.  

These are just two examples of the many possibilities that Odysee offers to content creators. And in addition, users can see that content free of advertising. That is, while on other sites we have to see ads or pay for a Premium version to avoid regular advertising, in Odysee they do not monetize the content.  

Register in Odysee  

Whether we want to open a channel or if we want to use Odysee to see content from other authors, we will have to create an account. To do this, if you want, you can use my recommendation link by clicking on the following button. Once on the Odysee page, we will see a text that says "Dineroworld invites you to the party". And a little further down, the "Create Account" tab will appear. We click on this tab and it will take us to the registration form. To create the account we will have to provide an email address and a password. As soon as we fill in the two fields, we accept the TOS and confirm that we are over 13 years old.  

Right after creating the account we will receive an email from Odysee. In it they will welcome us to the platform and attach a link that says "Confirm your e-mail". For our account to be validated and they give us some fractions of LBC, we will only have to follow that link. And then we can access by entering our credentials. From now on we will be in a position to win more LBC for free. Either opening a channel and publishing content or watching the content that other people publish.  

The Odysee platform comes in English by default. However, we can change the language to Spanish by going to Settings> Configuration.  

How to make money on Odysee  

As I mentioned in the introduction, in Odysee they manage their own token called Lbry Credit. As it is a cryptocurrency listed on Coinmarkecap, it is available on various exchanges, so we can hold it, sell it, or exchange it for any other cryptocurrency. Later we will see how we can withdraw the profits that we are generating on the platform and where we can create a wallet that supports LBC.   Odysee offers us four ways to earn money. In short they are these:  

Publishing relevant content ⏩ Opening a channel and uploading publications that may be interesting for the community.  

Being a user ⏩ Viewing the content that other users share in Odysee.  

Unlocking Rewards Program Achievements ⏩ Whether we use Odysee creating content or working the site as users, we can earn extra LBC by completing a series of objectives.  

Inviting other people ⏩ Odysee has a referral program in which they will give us Lbry Credits for each person we invite to the platform and confirm their email.  

Earn Lbry Credits in Odysee with a channel  

The first way we can earn LBC on Odysee is by uploading our own content. To do this, we will have to open a channel. And from there, it will be a matter of sharing publications of interest that allow us to reach a certain audience.   

We can carry out different strategies with which to monetize our content. One is by putting a price on each of the publications that we upload to the channel. So if a person wants to see that content, they have to pay the fixed price. However, as in Odysee they also pay us for the views, for the followers we have or for the likes our videos receive, we can also publish content free of cost and earn money on those concepts. Everything will depend on what our purpose is.  

My recommendation is to create a channel and grow little by little. And when the time comes, when we already have a significant volume of followers, rethink whether to set a price for publications.  

▶ Open an account at CoinEx  

There is no cost to open an account on the CoinEx exchange and it will only take a couple of minutes. The process is the following:  

✔ First we go to the CoinEx registration form. Next, we enter our email address in the first two fields. And right after, click on "Get Code".  

✔ At that moment we will receive an e-mail from CoinEx to the mail. We open it and we will see a six-digit code. We copy it, return to the form and, in the second box, we delete the email address and paste the code.  

✔ We complete the rest of the boxes of the form with the missing data, we accept the TOS and we click on «Sign Up».  

Having an account in CoinEx, we can receive the LBC from Odysee and make an exchange for BTC or Tether.  

▶ How to request a payment   In order to send LBC to CoinEx we have to improve the security of our account. To do this, we will go to «Account> Account Settings» and configure the 2FA from the «TOTP Authentication» section. As soon as we have completed this process, we can withdraw the profits from Odysee by making a deposit of LBC in CoinEx. The minimum amount we need to request a payment at Odysee is just 1 LBC. The steps we must follow are:  

1. We go to Odysee, we click on the balance and we will get a section like the one I show below. To send Lbry Credits to CoinEx we will click on «Send».  

2. We leave the Odysee website, open another window in the browser and go to our CoinEx account. In the top menu, we follow the path «Assets> Deposit». And in the tab that says "Coin Type", which comes out as the default cryptocurrency BTC, we look for LBC. Next, the system will show us the address of our LBC wallet, so we proceed by copying it to the clipboard or click on «Copy address».  

3. We return to Odysee, write down the amount of Lbry Credits we want to withdraw, paste the CoinEx address in the box that says "Recipient address" and click on "Send".  

▶ Exchange LBC for BTC and other cryptocurrencies  

As soon as the 300 confirmations of rigor have been produced, we will be able to sell or exchange the Lbry Credits in CoinEx. In this exchange we can exchange LBC for BTC or for USDT. And later, use Bitcoin or Tether to buy other cryptocurrencies. The process to make the exchange is as follows:  

1. In the top menu of CoinEx, we go to the "Exchange" section. And in the search bar, we enter the acronym "LBC".  

2. We select the pair in which we want to trade, LBC / BTC or LBC / USDT, and place a sell order with the amount of Lbry Credits we want.  

4. The BTC or Tether that we get in exchange can be withdrawn to our wallets. To do this, we will have to carry out the same procedure as before but in reverse. Instead of depositing LBC, we will have to withdraw them by going to the "Withdraw" tab.  

Main features of Odysee  

At this point, you know that I like to analyze and make a global assessment of all the pages that I use to earn free cryptocurrencies. As for Odysee, the truth is that my opinion is very very good. I am going to expose the points that, in my view, are the most prominent and make me think that way. There they go:  

✅ The best thing about Odysee is that it allows us to earn Lbry Credits easily without having to invest anything. In addition, it has a very practical operation and pays from 1 LBC automatically and immediately. And without commissions.    

✅ LBC is an increasingly quoted cryptocurrency and its price has not stopped rising. When I registered with Lbry (the predecessor platform to Odysee that also paid in Lbry Credits) the price of 1 LBC was $ 0.02. At the end of March, its price has multiplied by 10, reaching a price above $ 0.25. As with all cryptocurrencies, the price of LBC fluctuates, but I am sure that, with the trend it is leading, it will continue to rise.  

✅ In Odysee there are channels of all topics. This allows us to find content to our liking and view it in the same way as we would on YouTube. With the difference that they pay us here. In addition, it is more than likely that if you follow a youtuber, they also have their channel on Lbry, so you can see their videos on this platform. And with this, you will be able to unlock the rewards earlier and earn more and more Lbry Credits.

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