Earn $20+ on Earnathon, the new learn and earn platform

Earnathon, a relatively new crypto learn and earn project dedicated to increasing crypto adoption by the masses developed a model to allow anyone to earn from $20 upwards by learning about cryptocurrency and the blockchain users have to simply Sign Up to the platform, take lessons and pass simple quizes then earn $5 in the native token( ENA) direct to their wallets as well as $10 in ENA for each successful referral to the platform I think the project is awesome and has great potential to thrive and increase awareness as well. Do Sign up and try the platform out and let me know what you think about it.

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I am just a lover of cryptocurrency and have a keen eye out for all updates concerning Crypto and firmly believe it is the future of payments.

Learn and Earn Crypto 2.0
Learn and Earn Crypto 2.0

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