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If you haven't joined Coinbase yet, it's not too late. Coinbase offers free cryptocurrencies for learning about specific types of crypto and correctly answering a super short (typically one question per dollar) quiz. The most recent offer is Ampleforth Governance Token. The rewards range from $3 - $10 USD. I've earned free Crypto in the following without investing a dime: 

If you are interested in joining please use the following link and enjoy learning about receiving some free cryptocurrency!

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Cointiply is a great site to earn some free bitcoin. I was leery of whether or not it would payout and if there would be a fee. Surprisingly there is no fee to pay for transfers to Coinbase. I've so far made about $10 in bitcoin watching movies from HideOutTv. It's a really easy way to make passive income while having a video playing in the background while you work or even if you aren't in the room - just let it play. Videos earn you reward points, those points translate into earning bitcoin.  




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New to the crypto space and learning what I can - sharing what I've learned. Torum has a pretty cool social platform for crypto enthusiasts, join me there: Use referral code lizb_mining and receive 7.5 XTM

Learn about Crypto and be Rewarded
Learn about Crypto and be Rewarded

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