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DAMWON KIA still managed to defeat T1. In fact, their game did not look so confident, especially against representatives of their region, but I can associate this with the great practice of the "home" teams. ShowMaker doesn’t give the impression of being the strongest midlaner, like all the other players on the roster, as I said earlier, but the chemistry inside the team is simply phenomenal and every action is aimed at the benefit for themselves and their teammates.
I did not expect that the confrontation between EDG and Gen.G will come to the fifth map, especially since Edward Gaming will win back from 2-1, not in their favor, nevertheless, they managed to win this strong-willed victory. Based on the semifinal match, the Chinese team fully confirmed all my thoughts on their account: they are very strong in mechanical terms, but the macro game suffers greatly, which allowed the Koreans to transfer the game to the decisive map.


I would like to write more about this match, but at the moment I have no idea that DAMWON KIA can lose to anyone other than T1.
Final Prediction : DK will win

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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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