League of Legends LCS Predictions Round 2



C9 vs TL - TL are not looking strong even if they won 3:1 against TSM. C9 looking good, they are a way better midgame-lategame team than TL, but I think it is gonna be really close. I expecting 3:2 for C9.




TSM vs 100T - In my opinion, 100T is just like a bad version of TSM essentially at this point. They don't really have anything that gives them an advantage like through like drafting or early plays. So my prediction is that we are just gonna see matchups like Orianna Azir all the time and as we know TSM midlaner is way way better than 100T midlaner on mages(and overall) so I expecting 3:1 maybe 3:2 for TSM.


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Fizz on my Jayce
Fizz on my Jayce

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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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