League of Legends LCS Predictions Lower Bracket Round 1



EG vs TSM - TSM seems like they had really good prep coming into the series against TL. I think that they had good idea and it felt like they really caught TL off guard. I wouldn't expect EG to massively improve during a break. It doesn't seem like they have the players that can outperform TSM players. Overall i think TSM will win this one and i expecting 3:1.




DIG vs 100T - The way dig win games is by opponents just fumbling and blundering away things so i think if 100T draft the way they did against C9 they probably just win. I really think that they probably just win because, Dignitas gets uncomfortable whenever the onus is on them to do things. Overall this should be an american fiesta so i expecting 5 games.


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Fizz on my Jayce
Fizz on my Jayce

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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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