League of Legends LCS Predictions - Finals



TSM vs TL - Normally I would say that TL will win this match against TSM, but TL just informed that their jungler will not play today. I think that is pretty sad, but of course, health comes first so basically, TSM now has a bigger chance to win this one. TL with the sub-jungler will be a lot weaker, but I still expect an equal match, because TSM is like a coin-flip Team. Once they will play properly and once they will play terrible so you never know what to expect from them. They won against 100T, but these matches were just really bad in my opinion. Overall I expect 3:2 for TSM only because TL will play with sub-jungler.




C9 vs ??? - So no matter who will win the Saturday match, C9 will win anyway (probably 3:1). There are just better than TL and definitely better than TSM.


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Fizz on my Jayce

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League Predictions
League Predictions

League of Legends predictions

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