League of Kingdoms - Ultimate Resource Collection Guide

In this article, we will be looking at a number of tips and tricks of LOK resource gathering. Remember, these guides are written with my personal game playing experience. in that way, I can provide you with my mistakes and alternate strategies I could have taken to get the best out of the game.

I also update these guides as I gain more experience and knowledge of the game. make sure you re-visit occasionally to check updates.


Why need a resource gathering plan in LOK?

Resources are of infinite importance within the game, even when we have reached higher kingdom levels and you have completed all your buildings and research, you still going to need a lot of resources to train and maintain the troops. our troops will be very highly maintained and any defeat can lead to ruin.

It could be partly difficult to bring resources when we are first starting up and settling down because we need to grow and the only way to grow is using resources to research in the economy, technology, construction, and military.

For this, we must find the best way to produce and prepare a plan to gather resources quickly.


Resource gathering inside the Kingdom

Resource gathering within the Kingdom is the only way of gathering resources at the beginning of your LOK journey. LOK training, which you have to undergo as a new player shows you how to start with the farms, quarries, gild mines and lumber camps. 

These buildings continuously produce resources and they have their own storage capacity to store produced resources until the player collects them. You should upgrade these buildings with your Castle level to increase the production and capacity. Additionally, upgrading the resource-producing buildings contributes to Kingdom's power.

A well developed and upgraded resource-producing buildings can produce a continuous supply of resources for your kingdom indefinitely.




Resource gathering in the field

Farming in the field can be troop consuming as the need to send a good number of troops to collect resources. If you have a well-deployed number of troops in the kingdom, you can take advantage of in-field resource gathering. 

In-Field farms, gold mines, quarries and lumber camps (called resource nodes) come in various levels. The level of the RSS node is determined by the land level. The higher the land level is, the bigger the RSS node capacity.  You can check the land levels by clicking on the globe icon in the field view. The number of troops to gather the RSS node also depend on the level of the RSS node.




When you select a resource node to send troops, LOK automatically suggests the required troops gather all the resources in the node. Sending a recommended number of troops or more will increase the resource gathering efficiency as well as prevent scattered resource nodes with leftovers that no one is interested in anymore.



Get To VIP 6 ASAP!

This is a very important piece of advice. by upgrading your VIP levels, you can see a HUGE increase in gathering and production buffs. You also unlock the second builder permanently at VIP level 5 and an additional troop dispatch queue at level 6.

VIP Level 6 boosts


I would suggest maxing out your daily Alliance TECHNOLOGY donation Alliance coin budget and helping your Alliance mates as much as possible to earn more Alliance coins. These coins can be used to purchase VIP points from your Alliance SHOP to increase your VIP levels.


Use Boosts to speed up the resource generation

Boosters are fantastic when it comes to increasing your resource production of the buildings. You can either use 8hrs or 1 Day boosters, which can increase individual resource production by 20%. The "Gathering Boost" can increase all resources collection by 20%. 

by using resource production and gathering boosters together with in-kingdom and in-field resource collection, you can significantly increase your resources inventory faster.


Once the boosters are applied, they can be seen in the boosters widget, next to the kingdom power widget.



Monsters with resources!

Monster hunting! This is your go-to source for resources no matter which castle level you are in. The number of resources the monster drops depend on the monster type and level and the monster type.

  • Orcs: Food
  • Stone Golems: Stone
  • Skeletons: Lumber
  • Treasure Goblins: Gold
  • Deathkars: Gold
  • Green Dragons - Lumber, Stone and Food
  • Golden Dragons - Lumber, Stone and Food
  • Red Dragons - Gold

Level 1 monsters drop 5x1000 units of relevant resources. Higher-level monsters drop more resources. in addition to the resources above mentioned, monsters also drop other valuables, such as chests, gems, speedups and treasure pieces. The number of drops again depends on the monster level and the research and Monster Mastery levels.


Focus on Governor's Mastery and Monster Mastery

LOK's Governor's Mastery can further assist the Academy researchers to improve the resource "Production", "Gathering", "Storing" and "Capacity" abilities. To achieve Mastery, you need "Mastery Points" which can be accumulated by defeating monsters in the field and upgrading your "Lord Level". I will be writing a comprehensive guide of monsters soon.

Main Govenor's Mastery nodes, which can have a significant impact on resources when fully mastered (maxed out) are Resource Reserves +30%, Gathering Speed +15%  and Resource Production +30%. The major Mastery of "Resource Production per 10,000 Troops +0.3%" can be really valuable when you have a large number of troops (eg: if you have 1,000,000 troops, maxing out this mastery could increase resource production by 30%).

By the time this article is published, I have had "Resource Production" at 30% and "Resource Gathering" at 30%. I can assure the improvement of my RSS is clearly visible and I can strongly recommend you to follow this path. Just work on the Governor's Mastery and get as many levels achieved as you can. 


Similarly, Monster Mastery can also help to increase the resources gained from monster hunting. The "Item drop rate" and "Resources gained from the monster" can increase the resources gained from monsters and make your monster hunting more useful and enjoyable.

To give a practical perspective, I have both the above masteries completed and the increase in resources gained from a level 4 regular monsters (Golem, Skeleton, Orc and Treasure Goblin) has increased from 22 x 5000 units to 29 x 5000 units. Guys, this is a significant improvement considering the amount of monsters we have to hunt during our LOK journey.

Monster mastery


Use Charms for resources related to buffs

LOK's Charms are the gems left behind by monsters when they were defeated. These Charms can boost the production speed and gathering speed for a short period of time. 

Charmes come in four different colours.

  • Legendary: +30% boost
  • Epic: +20% boos
  • Rare: +10% boost
  • Common: +5% boost

When you enable a Charm, the effect is immediate. When a Charm is running out of time, the improvement will still be effective on any activity currently in progress, except the gathering. For example, if you start attacking a monster (not when you leave the kingdom to attack the monster) while a relevant Charm is active, the Charm's improvement is effective until the attack ends, even the Charm ran out of the timer during the attack. Charms' effect on gathering can start or finish during the gathering process and does not last until the gathering ends.




Use treasure pieces to boost resource production and gathering

Your precious treasure pieces are stored in chests within the Treasure-house. You have 4 treasure chests that can be used to optimise various RSS bbuffs. Each treasure chest has 6 treasure slots. The available number of slots depends on the Treasure House level. Make sure you put enough attention to upgrading the Treasure House to increase the number of slots.

Choosing the best pieces to assist your resource gathering, production and reserves can look very complicated at first. Using the below matrix can assist you to choose the best pieces for each purpose. 

Also, make sure to upgrade the treasures to maximise their effect.

TIP: When you gather resources, make sure to gather completely and not leave residual RSS behind. When you completely gather RSS node, most of the time you get a treasure shard called "Petal". Petal is an important treasure piece and when upgraded, it can significantly increase the gathering speed of all resource types.



TIP: Amulet of Life treasure can unlock the  Master Bonus "Increase resource production lv.1 and lv.2" Buff in your Buff Skills list when the required upgrades are completed.




TIP: Upgrading treasure shards in the below image will unlock "Accelerated gathering lv.1, 2 and 3 buff.



TIP: Also, upgrading below treasure shards unlocks the "Instant Harvest" buff.



Research, research and more research

If you are planning to play LOK as a long term player, this is your best friend. Advancing through production-related research items can improve the resource production and gathering speed, resource storage capacity and troop storage (how much resources a troop can carry when gathering and looting).

Considering my own experience, I would suggest completing "Production" research as much as you can and if possible, up to Infantry, Archer and Cavalry Storage research (this needs lvl18 Academy though). 

I wish I was given this advice when I started playing LOK. If that is the case,  I would research the "Production" branch, instead of the "Battle" branch as much as possible as early as possible be.

Also, in the "COMBAT MASTERY" branch, "Troop Dispatch Queue" is an important milestone as this gives you an additional dispatch ques, which you can use to deploy troops to gather resources in the field. The maximum number of queues you can have in LOK is 8.


Combat Mastery - Additional troop dispatch queue


Complete your quests daily!

Daily quest at 100 points, you will have a chance of opening a gold chest containing Treasure pieces, silver chests, chrystals, VIP points and other booster and speedup items, which you otherwise need to spend your resources to get.

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