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"Werewolves were everywhere" // Writer+AI=01 // Very short stories co-written with the Machine

By GG-Off | le Code fait Loi | 6 Oct 2022

We were stuck.
Werewolves were everywhere.
They'd been in the sewers for a while now, and they seemed to be multiplying at an exponential rate. The entire city was on fire, and we had no idea how to get out of there alive. Jan, the lawyer, knew a way out of the city through the tunnels, but it was very dangerous : he said that if we went with him, we would have to go into the tunnel alone, without any weapons or help from the others. He also warned us not to trust anyone who might try to stop us from leaving the city.

"You're talking about going back to New York?" I asked. "Going back to our friends?"

"Yes," answered Jan. "But it's not easy."

I looked around at my companions. We hadn't been able to find them since the attack at the station. And even though we had more than enough food and water to take care of ourselves for quite some time, we didn't know what kind of condition they were in.

"Let's get in there," said June. "I will not burn here with the others."

She had a point; she could easily jump down to the roof. But I wanted to wait until we found them.

"What are you waiting for?" asked Julien. "We can't just sit here and do nothing!"

One after the other, we manage to jump down the roof and enter the tunnel. The smell was awful. It smelled like rotting garbage, and the whole place was covered in slime. We were still miles away from New York, but there was no sign of civilization anywhere.

Jan led us deeper into the tunnel. Anything happen at all worst mentioning, and we finished our lives happily in New-York.
The tunnel went under the Hudson River. The river was full of bodies. The smell was unbearable. After a while, we heard voices coming from behind us. We turned around and saw three men. We hide in the dark, watching us from above. They were wearing masks and carrying long guns.

"Hello, my friends," said one of them. "You've finally arrived at your destination."

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you anything," he answered. "But I think you'll find out soon enough..."

He left. The others followed.

"Can we trust them?" asked Julien.

"At least they didn't try to eat us" said June.

"We can't," said Jan. "They were obviously sent by someone else, and they don't want to tell us why they're following us."

"So what should we do?" asked Julien.

"Run," said Jan.

We ran.

We kept running for hours

We didn't talk.

I couldn't really think straight.

For the first time in my life, I felt as if I were going crazy.

There was a huge stone wall ahead of us. A baby werewolf was looking at us. It was crying. And then it jumped down from the top of the wall and came running towards us. We hid. It was the size of a large dog. It crashed right into me, knocking me over. June was supposed to not have any weapon left, but she draw a little knife from another pocket and stab the baby werewolf right between his two eyes. The werewolf stopped moving. He fell to the ground and lay there, motionless.
We got up slowly. I started feeling sick. My chest hurt, and I started coughing. I didn't know where I was anymore.

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