an AI generated cat wearing futuristic sunglasses from a t-shirt design

I sold my first AI-generated t-shirt ... and the customer loved my design!

By GG-Off | le Code fait Loi | 18 Sep 2022

Second part of my etsy's journey!

After ~ 9 months of work I finally get my first review, and it warms my heart so much!

Here it is:

a five stars review about deepcrew's ETSY AI generated clothes shop

a t-shirt with an ai generated cat and a sentence saying


And here's some of the designs coming in the news days :

deepcrew AI generated cat sitting behind a laptop and the words



a glitched bicolor 3D AI generated cat and the mention

I shouldn't say that so early but... soon you'll be able to buy our limited series t-shirt with your favorite cryptocurrencies

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You are yourself an AI generator? We may want to sell your designs or to team up with you: please write us on social medias or at [email protected]


Want you open your own ETSY shop? Please let me know and use this link to register and gain 40 free credits (worth $8) (



I'm still shorting ETHER, by the way, for about 1 year...

but this is not a financial advise and you should do you own research ;)


Please tips more!

Every cents are used to short ETH even more, to generate awesome artworks,

and to re-conciliate technology and wildness!

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