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an ai generated picture of three cartoon plants

I finally get my DALL-E 2 access 4 months after my whitelisting! Was it worth waiting?

By G1Geo | le Code fait Loi | 27 Aug 2022

My review of OpenAI's DALL-E 2 images generator (as a clothes and NFT creator)

a screenshot of dall-e-2, one of the engine that the brand deepcrew uses for making AI t-shirts

OpenAI created a strong buzz around Dall-E 2 revealing impressive pictures, making people wait for access, and feeding debates about what people could do wrong with that kind of powerful tools.


As an artist playing with artificial intelligence since late 2021, I was both excited and frightful about the release:

Will AI digital art generation become mainstream?

How will I preserve a strong artist identity if anyone could generate astronaut dogs?

Will it erase all my previous efforts to understand how to be understand by previous models?

Here's some responses:


1- DALL-E 2's results are not so impressive

fails et trucs moches ; résultats ennuyants car trop réussi

an AI generated dragon on a lotus flower by morning

prompt='a dragon with butterfly wings is on a lotus flower on a sea, digital art 4K trending on artstation'

2- DALL-E 2 is really great at understanding my composition desire

an ai generated artwork of a jungle rainforest with a river, birds, snakes and eels

prompt='rainforest jungle scene with a parrot in the sky, creepers and snakes on trees, a haystack, and a river downside with eels and lampreys in it, 4K trending on artstation'

3- New AI models ain't threats to old ones : they are complementary

I can compose the scene with DALL-E 2 then draw on it with other AI

I can compose by hand then ask DALL-E 2 to draw on it


TIPS more please!

I live on the road (by bike) with almost nothing!..

ai generated pictures of a bike

and have a great day anyway <3

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