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By eatdostacos | LBRY Report | 22 Jul 2020

LBRYnomics is an online tracker of many different LBRY facts and figures. It is the primary way for many LBRY content creators to check their ranking by followers. Currently, the home page includes the Top 500 LBRY Creators by follower count. This is a recent update from the 200 shown previously.


Here is a sample of what is currently shown.

Since the update with more top channels came out I have been watching my place in the rankings. It is very interesting to see your place among the top creators of this platform. Once more time has passed, everyone in the top 500 will be able to see the changes shown on the right. This is not available currently since the data only started being collected within the past week.

Other Sections

The website also has some widgets that display general information from certain time periods, such as the past seven days. This includes things like how may pieces of content have been uploaded and the number of reposts.

Another tab has data from the YouTube sync program, showing that it is almost always clogged and backed up. As of writing, there are 995 channels that need updates, telling us that the program seems to be fairly popular.

Under the experimental section, some upcoming pages are getting perfected, including one that shows the most watched videos.

The Creators

The platform was created by longtime LBRY users Electron (Mark Firth) and Brendon Brewer to show all of the top users. They are very active on their LBRYnomics Discord server.


I have watched as the platform has grown rapidly from the 200th spot having about 800 followers a couple months ago to over 2100 now. They also have graphs and charts showing the rapid growth of the platform.


This is the total number of channels from early 2017 to now. As you can see there has been a huge spike in recent months.

All in all, this is an amazing community project giving you all the top statistics you need to know about LBRY.


Thanks for reading! If you really enjoyed and want to sign up to LBRY you can do so here and we will both receive some LBC at no extra charge to you.

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LBRY Report
LBRY Report

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