LBRY Pausch v0.47.0

LBRY Desktop v0.47.0 - Pausch Release

By eatdostacos | LBRY Report | 13 Jul 2020

A new version of the LBRY Desktop app was released today, codenamed Pausch. It's available now at Here is a comprensive list of some of the new features introduced.

Ability to Sign Supports

This is a huge feature that was just introduced allowing users to sign a tip or support with their channel name. This means that creators will be able to see where the tip they received came from. Currently this data is just being added in the background until support is added in the transaction list. Once it is fully shown, there will be a backlog of data that will be shown since this was added.

New Channel Creation/Editing Page

The channel page was updated, adding different pages for the different parts of the channel information, such as tags.

New Channel Creation Page 

Tip/Support Buttons Merged

Previously, there were the Tip and Support buttons on every content page, but now there is just a Support button that, when clicked, has the option for making your support revocable or making it a tip. This UI also includes the new signed supports. This brings it to the next level and may clear confusion with whether tips are permanent or revocable and how supports work when new users are using the platform.

New Tip/Support UI

Report Page Fixed

The report page for reporting content or suggesting a new feature was previously very cramped and didn't have any of the correct spacing between cards. That has now been fixed.

And Many More Smaller Features, Changes, and Fixes

Overall, this seems to be a very good update to the desktop client.


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