In-App Article Creating Now Available on LBRY (Markdown Editor)

By eatdostacos | LBRY Report | 10 Aug 2020

LBRY has recently added a new in-app way to create posts using the text formatting language Markdown. Previously, to publish a Markdown post to LBRY you needed to use other methods, such as a notepad or an external service like StackEdit. This feature was just added to and will be coming to the desktop app soon in the next update.

When you go to the normal publishing page you will now see a toggle for deciding whether to upload content, such as a video, or whether to create a post. 


After clicking the Post Tab, you will see a similar interface as on the File Tab, just with a new text box for inputting whatever you would like to write.


This box offers the same UI as other areas, such as comments and descriptions for content. It is familiar and powerful, despite it seeming simple and being easy to use.

All of this is similar to Publish0x and offers users another place to post their writings for more exposure to other people who may enjoy what you write.

This was done by community member btzr-io who received a 50,000 LBC bounty for the completion of this great feature. Some other large features currently have bounties on them to help speed up the process of developing LBRY without hiring more people.


Thanks for reading! If you really enjoyed and want to sign up to LBRY you can do so here and we will both receive some LBC at no extra charge to you.

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