WeAre8 Review | An App That Pays You To Watch Adverts [UK]

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 10 Dec 2021

What's up guys?  Lazy Money UK here.

Usually it's USA that has all the fun when it comes to money making apps.  This time however, I'm covering a UK-exclusive app (for now at least), which strangely enough comes from a company based in New York City.

WeAre8 have a master plan to "change the world", by redirecting advertising revenue away from toxic social media platforms, and towards end users and charities.  Their initial plan to become a fully-fledged social media platform free from hate and negativity seems to be sidelined at this point.

All that really matters is this app pays users to watch adverts.

Every few days you'll get notifications for new videos to watch.  Each video is followed by a quick microsurvey consisting of 1 to 3 questions.  The typical reward for doing this is 20p.  While it does take 30 days to actually credit each view, the withdrawal process is quicker, with balances of £1 or more being sent to your PayPal account within 3 days.

Better yet, an additional donation is also made to charity every time you earn.  WeAre8 helps with a wide range of good causes.


I really hope WeAre8 succeeds in both global expansion and increasing their sponsorships.  It has been stated that their goal is to provide as many as 10 paid videos per day, which would make the app an incredible asset to the online earning community.  For now though, this is a solid addition to my money-making strategy.

WeAre8 will only get better as more members sign up, which in turn will attract more paid-to-view advertisements.  That's why I encourage British users to get involved as soon as possible.  If you'd like to support the growth of the platform whilst earning PayPal cash from watching ads, click this link to get signed up.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK review.  Feel free to join me on my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with the latest money making tips.  If you'd like to discover more microsurvey style earning apps, check out my OnePulse review.

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