LoveRewards Review | Is This Swagbucks UK Alternative Worth Using?

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 29 Nov 2021

What's up guys, Lazy Money UK here.

The UK has a new 'get-paid-to' website, but does it stand a chance against Swagbucks?

The early offerings of LoveRewards seemed promising.  The site gives away free bonus credit daily, in the form of scratch cards and paid-to-click e-mails.

Somewhere along the line they must have realised that handing out free cash without getting anything in return isn't the best business model.

After several revisions of their rules, the site has now imposed limitations on when free bonus funds can be withdrawn.  Users must now reach a quota of paid surveys or offers to access their bonus money each time.

Meeting The Quota

As someone who is looking to make money instead of lose money, I naturally steer clear of the paid offers.  Surveys seemed like the best solution at first, but their fake survey routers take you in circles answering unpaid profile questions.  As a last resort, I decided to meet my quota only by using those spammy quiz websites.

Cashing Out

The single biggest issue with the site is that they fail to provide options for receiving actual money.  Bank transfers have been discontinued, and PayPal withdrawals were never instated.

Users are left with a variety of retail gift cards to choose from, notably Amazon vouchers.  For those who are only willing to accept real cash, there is the possibility of selling your gift card on a reputable site like CardYard.


I can just about tolerate spam quizzes for the sake of being able to redeem free daily bonus credit.  LoveRewards somewhat pales in comparison to the long-established rewards site Swagbucks, but has potential to catch up as the stability of their business improves.  Their prime focus should be getting actual cash to their users rather than retail vouchers.

If you're a UK user and interested in trying LoveRewards, please consider using my referral link to claim your 50p sign-up bonus.

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