I claimed the free daily $0.03 on Zap Surveys for 500+ days. Would they really pay out?

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 8 Mar 2022

Hi guys, Lazy Money UK here, finding effortless ways to earn online.

A fair few apps and sites give away free daily bonus money, because these rewards keep users coming back.

The only problem with Zap Surveys is you have to reach $25 to cash out.  Even with the help of the sign-up bonus ($6.25 back in the day, but now it’s $3), and the occasional $1.50 login steak bonuses, it still took a ridiculously long time to get over the threshold.  We are talking between 1-2 years of pressing a button on an app each morning.  This didn’t bother me though, because when it comes to saving and investing, I am in it for the long-run.

Did they send the money?

Initially I was not confident that I would ever see the money arrive in my PayPal account.  This is because there are disreputable sites and apps out there like Branded Surveys, where users are banned for trying to cash out the "free" daily bonuses without doing surveys.

I'm pleased to report that Zap Surveys did indeed send my $25, even though I steered clear of surveys whilst earning.  Better yet, they credited a $3 bonus to my account when I requested the cash-out.  Check out the video below if you'd like to see payment proof:

Was it worth it?

You might find it hard to believe, but there are people out there who don’t like to receive free money daily, and think that it’s a waste of time visiting the sites and apps to claim it.  To that I would say that there’s going to be a moment in their day when they’re already wasting time (like watching TV, for example), so they might as well use that opportunity to claim some free cash.

Even people with high-paying jobs can still benefit from increasing their income in a matter of seconds.  Anything earned in excess of living expenses can be invested to generate returns, bringing them closer to financial freedom.

Whether or not it’s truly a waste of time depends on whether you waste the money or not.  For people who will blow the $25 on trivial consumerist pleasure, I don’t recommend committing to this process.  If you instead invest the earnings into a dividend stock for example, the passive income will benefit you for years to come.


Why not do some surveys to cash out sooner?

You may be wondering why I didn’t do surveys to expedite my withdrawal.  Well, Zap Surveys has the lowest survey payouts I have ever seen.  Since they host third-party survey providers like Theorem Reach, there is an extra company in the chain taking a cut of your earnings.

It’s also risky to complete surveys on platforms with high minimum withdrawal limits.  You have to trust the platform with holding the earnings in your account for a long period of time, without the company collapsing or scamming you.  It obligates you to keep doing more surveys, to unlock the money you have already earned.

There is absolutely no reason to visit the survey section of Zap Surveys, when other platforms like Qmee are often paying $2 per survey and providing instant PayPal cash-outs.  Earning money as a lazy person is about working smart, not hard.



The results of my experiment suggest that it's safe to claim the daily login reward on Zap Surveys without fear of being scammed.  If you're looking to earn from surveys though, platforms like Qmee or even Swagbucks are much better options.  Both of these platforms are featured on my free daily rewards list, and both of them offer a sign-up bonus:

Qmee: 50p bonus when you cash out any amount to PayPal
Swagbucks: $3 bonus when you make your first $3 (300 SB points)

Thanks for checking out this review of Zap Surveys from Lazy Money UK.  You're welcome to join me on my YouTube channel to discover more lazy money making tips.

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