How To Save Money On Video Games: Ten Tips For Inexpensive Gaming

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 29 Nov 2021

What's up guys, Lazy Money UK here.

Gaming can be a very expensive hobby, if you follow the crowd.

If you're smart about it though, you can save thousands of pounds on gaming whilst still enjoying top quality games- Even triple-A titles.

Here are my ten tips for having the best gaming experience whilst minimising your costs:

1. Prioritise Previous Gen Games

Rather than rushing out to buy the latest $70 release, patient gamers get to sit back and relax as the prices drop to just a few dollars.  This strategy alone could potentially get you 30 times as many old games for the price of one new game.  Of course, if you're trying to save money, you might want to avoid getting that many.


2. Retro Emulation

It isn't always practical to fill our houses up with every different system required to play the games we want.  Retro collectors incur additional expenses from having to repair failing hardware, and getting outdated televisions just to display the games correctly.

Some out-of-print games aren't even available to purchase, or have ridiculously inflated prices on the pre-owned market.  There are also games that were never available to play at home in the first place, such as arcade-exclusive titles.

Retro emulation solves all of these problems, allowing a multitude of otherwise inaccessible games to be experienced on a single device.


3. Re-use Older Tech

You might be surprised by what old devices can achieve when it comes to gaming.

The 2017 Moto G5 Android phone I normally use for phone farming turned out to be a great emulation system- Running games up to the PS1 era.  For the best experience, you can connect a wide variety of Bluetooth controllers- I use a PS4 game pad for this.

Purpose-built handhelds like the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS can also be given a new lease of life.  Hacking the devices to run custom firmware allows you to use emulators, homebrew games, and ports of classic titles such as Doom.

So before you buy new gear for gaming, why not try getting the most out of what you have already?


4. Wait For Development Cycles To Finish

The games of today are often rushed out in an unfinished and buggy state, such as Cyberpunk 2077.

Even functioning games are released with content missing, to be drip-fed to consumers in the form of DLC.

When a major game comes out late in a console's life cycle, it's safe to assume that it will be reworked for the next iteration of the console.

Delaying your purchase of new releases will allow you to pick up the definitive version, with all extra content, for a reduced price.


5. Borrow Games From Friends

This one speaks for itself.  By swapping titles with friends, you can complete more games for free.


6. Say "No" To Nintendo

This isn't the SEGA fanboy in me talking; I do agree that Nintendo have released some class games.

They are however intent on filling your house with single-use peripherals, such as Ring Fit, the Wii Balance Board, and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

These accessories tend to only work on a limited selection of games, which get boring fast.

Not only are Nintendo's gimmicks worse for the environment, but they make it harder to preserve and emulate games which require specialist equipment to play (maybe that's their intention).

I stopped wasting money on Nintendo hardware back when Wii MotionPlus failed to fix the Wiimote.


7. Free-To-Play Games

Aside from the obvious free games of today like Fortnite, many older titles have also now been made available for free.

MS-DOS classics like Tyrian and Jill Of The Jungle are now available from sites like Good Old Games under a freeware license.

Retro console games like Crazy Taxi and Sonic CD have been ported to mobile platforms for free, with the option to pay to remove adverts.

Recently, I discovered that Amazon Prime members are given free downloads of select triple-A titles through Prime Gaming.  This month I claimed a promo code to install Control: Ultimate Edition from the site Good Old Games.


8. Steam Sales

Digital games distributors such as Steam have multiple sale periods throughout the year.

If you add titles to your wishlist, Steam will be sure to inform you next time they go on sale.

It's quite common to find triple-A titles for just a few dollars in these events.


9. Complete The Games You Already Own

Whether you have accumulated a collection of unused digital downloads, or many shelves worth of physical games, it makes sense to play these games in full first before acquiring more.

By giving part-finished games a second chance, you may see them in a different light and derive more enjoyment from them than what you originally thought was possible.


10. Use Free Amazon Vouchers

When earning money online from the methods shown on my YouTube channel, I always try to redeem my funds as real cash where possible.

Some platforms however only allow users to claim gift cards for retailers such as Amazon.  If you have a build-up of Amazon vouchers and aren't sure what to do with them, they could be used to save on gaming expenses.

Even so, it's still worth waiting for games to come right down in price before adding them to your cart.



By using these tips, it certainly is possible to have a comprehensive and fulfilling gaming experience with minimum expenditure.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK article.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest money making tips.


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