How To "Cash Out" Google Play Store Credit (Works With Google Opinion Rewards)

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 8 Jun 2023

If you have Google Play credit trapped in your account, and would rather it was real PayPal cash (or even an Amazon gift card), this guide is for you.

Maybe you've built up a balance on the survey app Google Opinion Rewards, only to discover that you can't cash out on Android.  Or maybe you redeemed a Play Store gift card, before realising that none of the apps are worth buying.

Before you blow your balance on more outfits for Talking Tom, check out my trick to convert your Play Store credit into money.  This method can even multiply your earnings from Google Opinion Rewards (yes, really).

The Plan

The idea is to use your Google Play balance to complete mobile game offers on rewards platforms.  For a small investment of Google Play Store credit, you can get back a much higher amount in real money.

The way the game offers work is that they pay the player for reaching a certain level in the game, within a set number of days.

The type of game you'll see in these offers is known as "pay-to-win", meaning the player can spend real money (or in this case, Google Play Store credit), to expedite their progress.  Some of the game offers even specifically require an in-app purchase to be made.

I prefer to use Swagbucks for this purpose, but Freecash also has a large amount of such offers available. 

If you need to make an account on either site, and you found this guide helpful, please consider using my referral link when signing up:

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In the video above, I demonstrate this method with a game called Coin Master.  The requirement was to reach level 20 in 7 days, and make an in-app purchase.  To complete this offer, I spent as little Play Store credit as possible (£0.79 and a free £1.00 voucher).  It was straight-forward to reach the required level by casually playing the game while watching TV.  The reward was £30 worth of SB points, which I withdrew to PayPal.  This was hugely profitable considering how little it cost.


I should warn you that some of the mobile game offers on reward platforms are unfair, meaning they do not give the player enough resources in the game to reach the required level within the time limit.  This is done to pressure the player into spending money on in-game items, which offer extremely poor value.  Examples of such games are Animal Kingdom and Mafia City: War Of Underworld.

I therefore recommend that you search the offers on Reddit (e.g. r/Swagbucks), to check if other people were able to finish the same offer that you're thinking of doing.

I prefer to do offers with have a lower level requirement, and can be completed in under 7 days.  Bingo Blitz and Empires & Puzzles are two that I found easy to finish, without even spending any Play Store credit.

When you do spend Play Store credit, you should (obviously) make sure that the amount you will get back is equal to, or greater than the amount of credit you invest.


This is a good solution for Android owners to make real money from the Google Opinion Rewards survey app.  If you have Google Play Store credit which you know you aren't going to use, and is going to expire soon, then you might as well use it to your advantage.

Thanks for checking out this article from Lazy Money UK.  Feel free to join me on YouTube for more lazy money making tips.


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