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By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 2 Feb 2022

Hi everyone, Lazy Money UK here.  Recently I came across a platform called Surf that pays you just for browsing the web.

That sounds great initially, until you discover that it's only intended for users in USA and Canada (at least while it's in the beta stage).

If they think they can stop us from claiming the free cash though, then they are sadly mistaken.

Thanks to Textverified, I was able to verify a fake USA phone number, and proceed to use Surf.  This service cost $0.75, but I'm now in profit having redeemed my first gift card.

They don't seem phased by my British IP address, and funnily enough state in their FAQ that they allow VPNs.

Why does Surf pay you to visit websites?

Surf are interested in seeing which brands people in your demographic group visit online.

*cough* Pornhub *cough*

They therefore allow users to earn points in exchange for browser history.

Unlike their competitor UpVoice, there doesn't seem to be a restriction on which websites count towards earnings.

How much can you earn with Surf?

Surf's FAQ states that users can receive up to 600 points a month through normal usage.  To put that into perspective, you need 2000 points to get a $10 Amazon gift card.  While it seems like a slow earner at first, I found that the various bonuses help get you over the line much quicker.

How can you maintain privacy while using Surf?

The best thing you can do is to only use Surf in a secondary decoy browser.  For example, if you normally use Firefox, you could install Surf on Google Chrome for non-personal use.

Surf gives you an option to pause data collection, but this also pauses earning which isn't ideal.  Opening a private / incognito tab will have the same effect.

If you "accidentally" click on some adult content, there is also an option to delete items from your activity log on Surf within 24 hours of it being listed.  I wouldn't rely on this, however.

How do you claim the sign-up bonus?

New users can get a 1000 point bonus by using an invitation link and earning their first 750 points.

Final thoughts

Surf is a useful add-on which earns passively in the background while you use other rewards programs like UpVoice and Microsoft Rewards.  There is somewhat of a risk involved in investing $0.75 to verify a fake phone number, but the potential rewards far outweigh this.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK review.  Come and join me on YouTube for the latest, and laziest, online earning tips.

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