Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 9 - Honestly, Go Read the Manga or Light Novel

Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 9 - Honestly, Go Read the Manga or Light Novel


In the previous episode, Keyaru and his party met Eve Reese, a black winged demon lord candidate, for the first time. They were ambushed by a bunch of bounty hunters as apparently, the current demon lord called for a mass genocide of the Black Wing tribe. However, Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna successfully got away and the protagonist convinced Eve to let him help her get revenge on the demon lord. And then, the episode concluded with a sex scene and a comical cliffhanger.

The Episode

The episode continues from the cliffhanger and of course, Eve gets cold feet. Instead, the entire party enjoys some nice soup where they share some small talk. By small talk, a bunch of it contained Keyaru boasting about having sex is the most pleasurable thing in a journey. The conversation turns to a more serious tone when Eve asks Keyaru why he wants to help her become the new demon lord of which he responds that he is sick of the Jioral Kingdom's warmongering.

Keyaru and Eve have another conversation in the stable where the protagonist remarks that powerful demons are able to control other demons. He asks Eve if there is a demon she can control. She says she has one demon, but she needs to go through a bunch of trials in order to control Caladrius, the divine bird of fatal disease. Due to the Caladrius's immense powers, Keyaru offers to help Eve overcome the trials of which she accepts albeit a little hesitantly.


Next, Keyaru changes his face to do some reconnaissance at the restaurant that was destroyed in the previous episode. In spite of his disguise, a bounty hunter instantly recognizes him by his scent and attacks the protagonist. However, he proves to be too nimble and makes the bull the hunter is riding on go out of control. He subsequently declares revenge on the hunters for destroying the restaurant.

The protagonist returns to the inn with food and clothing, and tells his party of his plan to ambush the bounty hunters at night. In preparation, Freia and Setsuna undress to change right in front of Keyaru. That makes Eve very flustered and well... it escalates to another threesome. Eve doesn't want to take part in it, but the anime shows her pleasuring herself right outside the room.

That evening, Keyaru and Setsuna execute their plan. Keyaru starts off by making the bull from earlier go in heat with an aphrodisiac potion and... yep, animal copulation ensued. I'm not even kidding. Anyways, the other bounty hunters hear the noise and investigate, but Setsuna easily kills one while Keyaru incapacitates the rest.


Setsuna killing one of the Mad Cow bounty hunters.

Keyaru and Setsuna trap the unconscious bounty hunters, who are revealed to be part of the Mad Cow Tribe, in a pit. When the bounty hunters wake up, Keyaru promises them to let them out if they confess the truth. However, even though they share everything they know, the protagonist pulls a fast one and says that he will let them out in 2 weeks. As he and Setsuna walk away, it turns out that they also trapped the bull in the pit and since the bull is still under the influence... yeah.


Keyaru and Setsuna trapping the Mad Cow bounty hunters in a pit.

Having successfully avenged the restaurant, Keyaru and Setsuna rejoin the party and settle in a new inn room. No important story beats occur here. The most important part of the scene is Keyaru explaining why it's easier to protect Eve when they all stay in one room when the latter expresses her desire to stay in a separate room.

The next morning, Keyaru puts his alchemist powers to good use as he improves the mana flow of a staff he buys for Freia. The merchant is intrigued by his abilities and they negotiated a deal where Keyaru improves his other staves in return for half the money spent. The episode, then, concludes with the arrival of Princess Norn and Blade.


Keyaru and the merchant negotiating a deal.

My Thoughts

As you may have figured from the title, you're better off with the light novel or manga, in my opinion. The anime changed the content quite a bit and just like with Episode 6, it packed too much in such a short time. Some of the changes were actually good. For instance, in the source material, when Keyaru was out in his disguise, he wasn't attacked by one of the bounty hunters, but by a demi human. After taking the demi human down, he extracted information with his heal powers and proceeded to rape her. I was actually glad that scene was not included as (1) it doesn't fit Keyaru's philospophy of revenge and (2) the demi human was actually Eve's ally.

Unfortunately, other changes severely hurt the episode. The way the bounty hunters were killed was drastically different. Firstly, in the LN and manga, the entire party was present whereas in the anime, it was only Keyaru and Setsuna. Secondly, when the Mad Cow Tribe confessed to Keyaru, he healed one of the members to see if they were telling the truth and discovered that they were lying. Lastly, rather than trapping the bounty hunters in a pit with a horny bull, Keyaru had Eve land the last kill.


This should have been included rather than the animal copulation.

In the anime, Keyaru came off as a psychopath enjoyingly playing cruel and unusual games with his adversaries. However, in the source material, Keyaru brought Eve with him so that she could enact revenge on the Mad Cow Tribe who had been hunting down her people. That's a huge contrast in tone.

The omission of the last part was egregious. The scene where Eve killed the last bounty hunter was a major character development. It was supposed to be an exclamation mark, a sign that she would not hide in fear and instead, be the feared one. Because the anime cut that out entirely, it just makes Eve look more static. Yeah, she's a cute demon waifu, but that's not all she is.

All in all, another disappointing episode. After Episode 5, the anime has pretty much gone downhill. Will it be able to pick itself up? Who knows.


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