Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 7 - Slight Improvement, More Lack of Lore

Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 7 - Slight Improvement, More Lack of Lore


In the previous episode, the people of Keyaru's village were captured by the Jioral Kingdom under the accusations of heresy. The protagonist and Kureha did some reconnaissance to get info on what the Jioral Kingdom was planning to do with his people and Anna's (Keyaru's caretaker) whereabouts. He learned that commander Leonard raided his village and raped his parental figure, enraging him. As a result, he lured the commander into a trap and executed his very "cruel and unusual" revenge.

I was very disappointed in the episode as shown in last week's review. The pacing was very stunted and disorganized, often jumping from place to place. It was also a momentum killer considering how Ep. 5 was actually pretty decent. Where will Ep. 7 fall under the spectrum?

The Episode

We start off with Keyaru revealing himself to the executioners in the coliseum. Thinking that they have the leverage, the soldiers kill off some of the villagers as the protagonist approached them. However, that did little to discourage him as he criticized their hypocrisy after they accused him for killing his brethren. The soldiers tried to apprehend him, but Keyaru used Corrupt Heal to kill his attackers. The leader of the execution squad activates the coliseum barrier in an attempt to suppress Keyaru's mana, but the protagonist actually changed the parameters beforehand, causing a lot of the soldiers to explode in blood. Things get even more tense when the protagonist notices that the executioners poisoned the villagers preemptively. Apparently, they are doomed to die regardless if he saves them or not.

Then, Freia, as Princess Flare, projects herself to the coliseum audience, revealing the atrocities that Jioral Kingdom has done. Skeptical of whether Freia is the real deal, the audience initially accuses her of being an impostor until the former uses her singing abilities to quell the crowd. Convinced of her authenticity and angry at the Jioral Kingdom, the audience rebels against the soldiers and kills them in defiance.

The episode cuts to Keyaru and gang hiding in a shed, planning their next move. It is revealed that Keyaru did manage to save one boy from the execution and paid the merchant whom bought his potions to take care of him. The merchant questions him if that is a good idea considering that the boy blamed the protagonist for their village's destruction. However, Keyaru reiterates his philosophy of not taking on revenge on those who have not done him wrong and actually sees the boy's resentment as a good thing.

Having finalized their plans, Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna head off to the human and demon city of Buranikka while Kureha stays behind to continue spying on the Jioral Kingdom. Meanwhile, Princess Norn is extremely frustrated that her plans are not working and has decided to go to Buranikka. Finally, the episode concludes with... yep, another sex scene.

My Thoughts

I think this episode was an improvement over the previous one in terms of flow and direction. On the other hand, I feel that the anime is still rushing through the content.

Keyaru's abilities are extremely versatile, but the anime hasn't done much to explain how they work. This is something that I've pointed out multiple times in my previous reviews. The anime shows how his Corrupt Heal ability makes his targets burst in blood. However, it would've been nice if the anime has Keyaru internally explain to the audience that Corrupt Heal still counts as a healing ability, but taken to the extreme that it causes an out-of-control tumor.

Also, why is there a need to have a sex scene each episode? The sex scene in Ep. 7 didn't even happen in the light novel and manga. I was hoping that the episode did the training scene that Freia and Setsuna had in the source material. Technically, that scene actually occurred before Keyaru went to the coliseum, but it would've been nice had the episode had the party training as they head to Buranikka. It would provide a sense that the party is getting stronger, but no... more sex, apparently.


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