Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 6 - Cruel and Unusual Revenge

Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 6 - Cruel and Unusual Revenge


In the previous episode, Keyaru and master swordsman Kureha duked it out in a pretty well-animated fight before the former got the upper hand. After having Freia acting as a good version of Princess Flare, Kureha pledged to aid Keyaru before they proceeded to engage in almost consensual intercourse. The episode ended on a cliffhanger as Jioral commander Leonard took the residents of the protagonist's home village as hostages.

The Reconnaissance

The episode starts off with the Keyaru and gang eating a meal together, though Kureha is too clingy which annoys Freia and Setsuna. Their meal is interrupted as the Jioral Kingdom soldiers haul the hostages around Lanarrita to lure the protagonist out of hiding. In response, Keyaru has Kureha gather intel on the Jioral Kingdom's plans. Meanwhile, Leonard has grown frustrated at the lack of results and the anime reveals Anna, the woman who took care of him back in his hometown in the first episode, is chained up behind him.

The episode shifts back to the protagonist's party where Kureha shares the info she gathered. Apparently, the Jioral Kingdom has branded Keyaru as a heretic and uses that as an excuse to imprison the villagers. Angry at what has happened to his hometown, he uses his Upgrade Heal ability to disguise as the deserter (whose name is revealed as Murta) that he and Setsuna killed from the previous episode to find Anna.

However, as he surveys the prisoners, doesn't see her. He drags the deserter's friend named Morlett to an alleyway to get more information. Keyaru, as Murta, asks Morlett to see Leonard and be forgiven for his desertion from the army. As Morlett is about to leave, Keyaru asks him about the prisoners to which the former gleefully describes how the army ransacked the village and how Leonard raped Anna. This shocks and enrages Keyaru to a great degree. His internal monologue reveals that she is his last parent and the reason why he hasn't lost all hope in humanity.

Keyaru's Revenge on Leonard

Later that night, Leonard and four other soldiers meet with Keyaru, still as Murta, in an abandoned house. Successfully baiting him into his trap, Keyaru reveals his real identity and paralyzes his enemies with a poison gas. He uses his heal ability to watch Leonard's perspective of the ransacking of the protagonist's village, including how Anna got raped.

And then... Keyaru does something that basically topped what happened in Episode 2 in terms of edginess, if you believe it or not. Joey, aka. The Anime Man, care to explain what happens because I don't want to:

Thank you, The Anime Man. It should be noted, however, that the anime made some changes from the light novel and manga. In the anime, Leonard brags about how he raped Anna in his genderbent state before Keyaru proceeds to make him feel the same anguish and pain Anna felt.

Another change that the anime made is that after killing Leonard, Keyaru finds Anna. As he runs towards her shouting her name, Anna sees Keyaru. Recognizing him as the real Keyaru (remember, Leonard's appearance was changed), she smiles before passing away. Keyaru desperately tries to heal her back to life, but to no avail.

And Then, the Anime Jumps All Over the Place

The anime jumps to Keyaru visibly depressed in an inn while Freia and Setsuna try to comfort him. In response, Keyaru forces them on bed and they have um... rougher than usual intercourse while shedding tears. After he's done, he strengthens his resolve to get revenge on the Jioral Kingdom.

Then, the episode cuts to Norn, Freia/Freya's younger sister, who has received the news about Leonard's demise. Apparently, she is the mastermind behind capturing the people of Keyaru's village. Because Leonard failed, she changes up her plans, including recruiting Blade into the mix.

And we go back to Keyaru and gang where Kureha reveals the Jioral Kingdom's further plans. The kingdom will display the imprisoned villagers in the coliseum to lure the protagonist into a trap. Apparently, the coliseum's security is extremely tight with its magical barriers and limited number of exits. Regardless, Keyaru has decided to save his people, presumably with a countermeasure.

In addition, Kureha reveals to the party that Norn has returned from her studies, which sends a chill down Keyaru and Freia's spines. The anime shows a flashback where the protagonist met with Norn in his previous life. It turns out she is a very cunning person as she was able to recognize Keyaru's immunity against the drug. However, she promised to not tell her elder sister as long as Keyaru did the same "pleasuring" acts he had done with Flare much to his chagrin.

The episode ends at the coliseum in which Keyaru has successfully infiltrated. As the soldiers are about to execute his people, he reveals himself to the soldiers and crowd as a cliffhanger.

My Thoughts

As you may have noticed already, the summarization is longer usual and that is because this episode tried to squeeze in so much content at once. Unfortunately, as insinuated on the last third of the synopsis, the pacing went all over the place. You'd be watching Keyaru, Freia, and Setsuna, and then, the anime immediately cuts to what Norn is up to only to shift back to Keyaru and gang. It just feels very rushed and disjointed. The earlier parts also had the similar issue albeit to a lesser degree.

It also feels weird when Keyaru sends Kureha to do reconnaissance, but you never actually see her do it. Instead, when the anime cuts back to Keyaru and his party after Leonard's first scene, she has already spied on the kingdom. The story moves forward, but the sense of progression is totally absent.

The one positive that I did take away from this episode was how the anime changed how Anna died. In the light novel and manga, Keyaru never got the chance to see her before she passed away. When she got raped by Leonard, she confused him for Keyaru and from the despair, she committed suicide via biting her tongue. I liked how the anime had her survive long enough to see the real Keyaru before she died with hope. In addition, this change also made Keyaru's descent into grief and depression all the more impactful.

With that said, though, this episode was a mish-mash of a mess with its poor organization of the A, B, and C plots. A lot of stuff happened, but there was barely any time to process it all.

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