Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 10 - It's a Trap Edition

Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 10 - It's a Trap Edition


Last time, Keyaru sought out the bounty hunters who tried to assassinate Eve and successfully took them out. The episode concluded with Princess Norn and Sword Hero Blade arriving in Buranikka. Unfortunately, the episode was a big disappointment as it changed key story beats from the light novel and manga to the detriment to Eve's character development.

The Episode

Keyaru spies on Princess Norn as she and her soldiers advance into Buranikka. Among the group is Sword Hero Blade which triggers Keyaru's PTSD from his previous life. He accidentally leaks out his killing intent which is detected by another one of Jioral's heroes, Hawkeye. As a result, he immediately bails.


Keyaru spying on Princess Norn and her subordinates from afar with his Halcyon Eye ability.

The show cuts to the perspective of the average Buranikka residents, much of whom are wary of what Jioral Kingdom is up to. Two human ladies, however, are infatuated with Blade's handsome appearance. The Sword Hero looks towards their direction and the episode fast forwards to the evening where it's revealed that Blade has drugged and raped one of the women.

We jump back to Keyaru's party where they share some lunch with the merchant, Karman, from the previous episode. Keyaru and Karman negotiate a deal so that the former can get sufficient funds to travel while the latter can profit from the protagonist's products. The two characters have grown pretty close to the point that Karman shares his dream of opening a bigger shop in a larger city and Keyaru warning him to keep it low while the Jioral army is in Buranikka.


Keyaru and Karman negotiating their trade while sharing some small talk.

Karman also expresses concern for Keyaru as he reveals that one of his customers got raped by Flare the previous evening. The aftermath of it was not pretty as the victim is completely broken and her father is absolutely devastated. The merchant describes how Blade is a sexual predator who preys on attractive women and tells Keyaru to avoid going to the feudal lord's estate, especially the bar near it. However, this gives Keyaru an idea to get the jump on Blade.

And then, we get our weekly sex scene. Moving on...

Keyaru, out of the blue, asks Freia to help him out on makeup. This obviously catches her off guard as she thinks that Keyaru is into crossdressing. After Keyaru awkwardly tries to explain the situation, Freia agrees to help him out. But before she begins, the protagonist uses his Upgrade Heal ability to genderbend himself. Nope, not an exaggeration.

His genderbent appearance ends up making Freia and Setsuna fawn over him, making him feel uncomfortable. After some makeup and a change of clothes, Keyaru looks like an attractive noble girl. This excites Freia and Setsuna so much that it leads to a pretty funny role reversal.


Genderbent Keyaru about to be jumped on by Freia and Setsuna.

Later that evening, Keyaru heads to the bar Blade frequents (after taking out some ruffians who tried to kidnap him). There, he orders a drink as he waits for Blade. The Sword Hero eventually arrives and immediately makes advances on the protagonist, thinking he is a bonafide woman. They share a bunch of drinks together before Keyaru pretends that he needs to head back home. But Blade wants to share one last drink as she spikes the glass meant for the protagonist. He declines, but Blade suddenly kisses him with the spiked drink in her mouth to knock him out.


Blade about to kiss and transfer the spiked drink to Keyaru.

The episode cuts to Blade carrying the unconscious Keyaru down an alley when suddenly a man attempts to ambush her. The man is the father of the victim Blade raped earlier. Keyaru, now conscious, eavesdrop on their exchange as Blade struggles to remember the name of the victim and the father angrily corrects her. Recognizing the name, Blade rudely tells the father that his daughter was disappointing. Enraged, the father tries to stab Blade again to which she tosses Keyaru towards him.

Knowing that the man has no chance against the Sword Hero, Keyaru quickly knocks the father out and vows to avenge his daughter. He and Blade engage in a battle, but the latter's Ragnarok ability can heal her wounds immediately. As long as she holds the sword, any wound is just a mere nuisance. She eventually overwhelms Keyaru with her immense strength and incapacitates him.


Keyaru and Blade face off.

Keyaru eventually wakes up and discovers that he is chained up to a bed. To his side is Blade eagerly waiting of him to wake up so she can rape him. He protests and shows defiance, but that only encourages Blade more as she begins to assault him. However, as she touches his crotch, she realizes that Keyaru is not a real woman. Because of her hatred of men, especially their private parts, she cannot help, but vomit.

It turns out that Keyaru has been luring Blade into a trap. He takes advantage of the opening, disintegrating the cuffs with his alchemy abilities and immediately cutting a wound on Blade's abdomen with a poisoned shoe blade. With the poison quickly taking effect, Blade desperately reaches for her sword to activate Ragnarok, but Keyaru throws additional blades to stop her in her tracks.


Keyaru successfully knocking out Blade.

Finally having knocked out his adversary, Keyaru excitedly proclaims the start of his revenge.

My Thoughts

Overall, the episode was okay. Nothing bad, but nothing great either. Unlike the previous episode, the events of this week's episode transitioned more smoothly. I like how Karman is the one who breaks the news of Blade's sexual predator escapades and her tactics to Keyaru. In the manga, Keyaru just arbitrarily decides to genderbend to get close to Blade.

Unfortunately, the fight scenes were disappointing. The part where Keyaru beat up the three men who tried to kidnap him was only portrayed as a loud thud during a black screen. It felt pretty anti-climatic when I expected to see some action. Keyaru's battle with Blade was mediocre as the fight felt static. Choreography was lacking and it felt like it ended too soon. In the light novel and manga, their fight lasted much longer and how it ended was different, too.

I'm curious to see how the next episode will adapt the upcoming material. Some of the tweaks the anime made are positive while others are negative. Ever since Episode 6, the execution of the storytelling has been too all over the place. There are only 2 episodes left and who knows if the anime will keep going, but if the producers want that, then this season needs to end on a strong note.

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