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Yellow Vests and the WuFlu


Yellow Vests 2021 France

It is now March 2021. A year has past since the beginning of the world wide "event" that started in Wuhan China. During that entire year, I watched and listened to the multitude of mainstream and alternative news as well as many other forms of media and discussion. I have waited to see if among all the incredible volume of speculation and opinion, a single topic would be brought to bear. That topic, was at the very heart of geopolitics before the "event". It was in every news cast and every news paper on an almost daily basis. It was, to put it mildly, a big deal. It had started in France in 2018, and by the time the "event" took hold, it had spread to almost every country in the world. It was a contagion of a different kind, known as FREEDOM. It was called the Yellow Vest movement. I know that most people have a short attention span and an even shorter memory, but beginning in 2018 and accelerating wildly until The Shutdowns, there was a massive grassroots, populist movement of people all over the world, going out every Saturday, weeks in a row, donning yellow vests in solidarity with the French, and protesting (like the French) their own government's failed globalist policies that favored the rich and connected, and left the average citizen in forced austerity. The elites in Europe, Hong Kong, Berlin, D.C., and elsewhere around the globe were in panic mode. Trump (a populist) had been elected to the most powerful post on the planet. Brexit had happened against all odds and was being slow-walked against the will of the people of the United Kingdom, and populist politicians were popping up and winning elections everywhere. The people of the world were closer than they had ever been in history to actually being free from the oppression, corruption, and waste that had been in establishment for so long. And then along came this situation where, for "our own safety and the safety of others" every human on the planet was scared into self isolating. All places of public gathering, weather a public square (good for holding a Yellow Vest protest), a bar, a church, a school or any other place we might congregate and discuss how bad these crooks were running things, were suddenly off limits. And everyone was so scared of the invisible boogey-man, they never made the connection. One week everyone knew how bad things were being run and were showing up every Saturday to say so, and the next week, no one could possibly fathom that our governments would be so corrupt that they would manufacture a crisis so scary that it would stop every populist uprising in it's tracks. Well I fathomed. I got it in the first week the Rona came to town. Then I watched and listened and waited. Nothing. Still, an entire year later, I have seen little if any articles or pundits connecting these dots. So I am connecting the dots. And to bolster my claims, you need look no further than the fact that as things are opening back up (albeit slowly), the French people (God bless them) are back at it (links to articles below). They are donning their government issued yellow vests and gathering on (you guessed it) Saturdays to once again protest the Macron globalist takeover of their lives (made even worse during the past year). You see, that is the reality of FREEDOM. It spreads faster, lies dormant longer, and springs back to life more vigorously when conditions are favorable than any virus known to science.


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