Our cat in winter. :)

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 15 Dec 2020

This is when it is winter in China (at home + 15, + 18). The cat freezes and crawls under the blanket, but we wanted to warm it ...
We bought him a blouse with a hood ... and we dressed him.
He endured ... He silently waited for the end of the procedure ... He did not understand what we were doing with him ...
Pay attention to the look of our cat. The reproach in the eyes of the cat forever remained in my heart, we no longer mocked him. Then I gave the blouse to someone.
Our Chinese cat does not dress anything, does not recognize, and does not like any dressing on itself. Including a collar.



And he lives in China in winter like this, under a blanket, on a bed under a sheet - an electric sheet, usually included in the "C" for a cat. :)))



Who lives on the bed? This is our cat !!! :)))




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Lanna Beiker's Notes

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