ASKO - Mainnet launches in 3 days along with new site. Low MC, low 102M circulating supply

By Lanky Asha'man | Lankyashaman | 10 Feb 2021

ASKOLend is a decentralized finance protocol that allows people to lend and borrow crypto.


You can compare ASKO with AAVE. (6B Marketcap, Lending platform)

Current Marketcap (USD): 6,806,775.59

Circulating Supply: 107,447,517 (title says 102, but its 107)

40 percent of the tokens are currently staked.




What speaks for ASKO?

• AAVE has 23 assets listed, ASKO will list up to 11 tokens at launch with more to come.

- In ASKO you can choose between a high risk pool with a change to be slashed, or a lower risk pool with no chance. -> The rewards being higher in the slash-risk pool. • Tierlending with different risk categories is one big difference from AAVE.

Apart from that, the coin is sitting at 12M MCAP. AAVE is at 6B MCAP. (Jesus christ) Let's say Asko is only 5% successful: 5% of AAVE is a x30 from now.


Some very comfy bullpoints:


• Devteam is dorg. (Developer of The Graph, Compound and tezos, Balancer). -> Every coin they touched went over 1B Mcap (Proof:

• Code is fully audited and passed security audits.

- Quillhash Audit:

• CEO is from US and very based. • Mainnetlaunch and AVOLEND launch is on the 13th of this month (3 days from now)

- d0rg Medium post AMA:





What sets ASKO apart from AAVE and compound?

" In AAVE if you’re staking your AAVE in the safety module you may lose up to 1/3rd of your staked amount if there’s a sudden insolvency and the protocol needs to balance it out

In ASKO when you stake you can choose between a high risk pool with a chance to be slashed, or a lower risk pool with no chance

The rewards being higher in the slash-risk pool

TLDR: Low and High risk pools"



Buy in, this is probably the biggest gem right now. Get a bag as soon as possible.

Remember (we are still super early): -Still no TOP 10 CEX Listing (Only nerds can buy it right now) -Still no youtubers 'shilling' it


Twitter (

Dorg (@Dorg) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Dorg (



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