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The world we are living in today is highly interconnected in such a way that it becomes more harder for trust and reality to be delivered effectively. Documents can easily be adulterated with the advancement in technology. With the current technology, it is very possible to forge a stamp or wax seal to stamp documents to make appear like a real document. In fact, to make it worse, signatures are not bind to stamps on documents, this makes it very easy for fraud perpetrators to simply copy and paste signatures to arbitrary documents to make it a perfect false document.
The traditional Physical mailing process today, remains the leading way of delivering documents. Important documents, especially legal and commercial documents, are often delivered through physical mailing process or courier delivery. Although many companies today delivers documents using electronic medium, like email but physically mailed documents are considered as official. In electronic world, it is an established fact that information security are still subjectable to threats, transfer of large digital data and files between two or multiple parties can not be guaranteed and in most cases, it requires a very stable connection or huge server and receivers to effect a delivery across networks.
Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, DocuSign and Adobe employs the services of third parties or business partners in their mailing process – an unsecure process that involves the storage of informations (data) in their own database.

However, Authpaper Delivery Platform provides a decentralized system that enables the confidential sending of data from one user to another. Only the recipient can read the data, it is encrypted by two encryption keys before it is sent out. And the two encryption keys will be delivered to the recipient through a trusted channel, hence, only the recipient can decrypt the data. With authpaper, users can effectively send a huge amount of data (>10TB) with out any impediment or incurring an arbitrary costs for bandwidth.

Authpaper delivery platform is a BT-based decentralized data haulage platform powered by Blockchain based on cryptocurrency (stamps) for payment of delivery and for rewards to the nodes. Authpaper platform does not operate a centralized server, it adopts the decentralization of data in actualizing its vision.Each peer serves as a peer in the DHT network (for BT) and also as a node in the Blockchain network. Whenever a new peer connects to the network, a new public key pair (crypto-wallet) is created and the peer is connected to a list of known peers to join the DHT network. Network IP, email address and wallet address (public key of the crypto-wallet) of each peer is needed to be submitted to the DHT network and in like manner, the peer’s client software must also access the peer’s email account (reading and sending) to effect the use of the service. This platform employs two essential form of flows viz; ‘’encrypted files and stamps’’. All operations on encrypted files are performed through the DHT and BT protocols and all operations on stamps are done through blockchain. However, these two network caudles or interacts with each other in ensuring data delivery.

Pre sale : 15Aug 2018 – 14 Sept 2018 (0.05 USD = 1.0 AUPC)
Public Sales : Sept 2018 - 15 Dec 2018 (0.1 USD = 1.0 AUPC)
Token Symbol - AUPC
Pre ICO Price - 1 AUPC = 0.05 USD
Price - 1 AUPC = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment - 50 USD ( Ethereum)
Soft cap - 1000000 USD
Hard cap - 41500000 USD
Country - Hong Kong
Whitelist/KYC - None
Restricted areas - USA, China


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