What is EXXA Network? Overview of EXXA virtual currency project

By Lamtientii | lamtientii | 18 Apr 2020

EXXA Network

EXXA seems to be a hot name recently. There will be questions like, "Is this a project worth investing in?" or "Is this project a scam?". Let's learn about this project with Blogtienao!

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    According to the project introduction

    EXXA is a digital platform similar to Cloud Token or older than Plustoken. The goal is to provide an ecosystem that creates wealth for their partners and becomes a real digital currency. It allows you to store cryptocurrencies like: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC. You will receive passive daily income.

    What is EXXA token?

    Currently the value of this token is $ 0.1. We also could not find any other information about this token.

    EXXA's ecosystem

    DEVO +

    An AI bot created to trade for investors. This bot will use complex indices and trading algorithms and not emotionally driven

    EXXA Digital Academy

    EXXA Digital Academy will be a stepping stone that can help you learn, grow and gain an edge in the digital marketplace.

    EXXA Travel

    Use the token to get exclusive deals on tours

    Form of investment of the project

    This is a  HYIP  -  PONZI  -  MLM project. 

    With a minimum investment of $ 300, you will receive 0.2% -0.6% / day, 6% -18% / month. And interest is paid with EXXA tokens

    In addition, when you invest a minimum of $ 300, you will also receive a commission from a referral.

    • You will receive 100% of the profits from your first level referrals
    • You will receive 50% of the profits from your 2nd level referrals
    • You will receive 5% profit for the remaining levels
    Ponzi model MLM HYIP

    Team members

    EXXA member team EXXA member team

    An objective assessment of EXXA Network

    The shareholders of the project

    • Danny Pang: 20%
    • SQ2 FINTECH: 25%
    • Frankie Lee: 20%
    • Michael Chia: 28%
    • Gregory Ang: 7%

    First of all, mention SQ2 FINTECH. Anthony Lau is the CEO of SQ2 FINTECH and also the CEO of the World Blockchain Forum (WBF). WBF is the incubator of typical Ponzi projects such as S Block , Cloud Token, PlusToken. The two S Block and Cloud Token projects are still active but PlusToken has disappeared with $ 3 billion.

    Next is Danny Pang, the CEO of Axxa Global. Axxa Global is a multi-level form of health and beauty care.

    As advertised by Exxa, SQ2 Fintech combined with AXXA created EXXA. Both have multi-level elements here.

    Axxa and SQ2 Fintech SQ2 Fintech + AXXA = EXXA

    Project script

    A familiar scenario is the AI ​​trading bot. It is used for projects introduced at WBF. Despite the bot's name change, Plustoken has exited the scam, Cloud Token, S Block or the latest EXXA all mention this technology. If this AI bot technology is really profitable, why is PlusToken so far away?

    Legality of the project

    EXXA or the World Blockchain Forum are based in Singapore. With the form of this project, it clearly creates opportunities for passive income. But EXXA is not registered for securities in Singapore or any other country in the world. This proves that the project is operating illegally in all countries in the world. The only reason a company works illegally is that they won't do what they say.

    The value of Token EXXA

    A token is created entirely from scratch and it has no other applications other than to withdraw profit. The token price, they set. All of this implies that the EXXA token is completely worthless.

    And you know, when the investment in the project is not enough to cover the withdrawals. Like many other multi-level projects, they will "draw" and leave investors from the other side of the bridge like the PlusToken seniors.

    I am not saying this is a scam project because it is newly established, so I cannot say it is a scam, regardless of the multi-level model of corruption only when we say it is scam. Otherwise the young men in Vest will curse to death.


    This is a basic review article about the EXXA project. Not the purpose of investment advice. EXXA is MONEY GAME, winning or losing. And you must know that these GAMES do not bring practical value, just to pay the latter to pay for the first.

    When I wrote this article, when EXXA was born, it would take about a few years after eating enough, it would collapse, the project owners would roll away and continue to set up new projects. I personally will not participate in this project to drastically boycott this model.

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