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By wenxop | la_zona_n | 2 May 2019


Paxos Standard (PAX) is a stable coin owned by Paxos Trust Company, LLC. It combines the stability of the dollar with the efficiency of blockchain technology. 

paxos standard (PAX) is a stablecoin that is taking a stir in recent days and even more because of the rumors that loom over tether in recent weeks. has been added to several exchange and wallet services such as Cobo wallet and

It is remarkable to note the growth it has had and this is shown in the first half of April where it went from $ 15b to $ 16b, demonstrating the preference for the currency,

It is also a result of the great effort of the work team that has been known and has made multiple talks in various forums to ensure growth and gain the confidence of people who see the blockchain a solution in money management.

What many people always ask about the stablecoin and with many justifications is whether the backing of the cryptocurrency is real and therefore in steps there is no such problem because Paxos is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and that gives a lot of credibility,

monthly they also present reports on the financial status of the project and the amounts handled and all the necessary information about the company.

Paxos as a company also offers other services: firstly, the ERC20 PAX protocol token that is used as currency equivalent to USD, then we have: itBit by paxos, is an exchange platform for professional traders and companies dedicated to trade offering security liquids and low withdrawal fees.

Custody services are also offered where the assets and cryptocurrencies that we decide to leave under your supervision are safeguarded.

Ultimately, Paxos is an ideal alternative in the management of digital money and as a safeguard of value

web of paxos:

Twitter: PaxosGlobal

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