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The New Millenial (Gold) Rush of 2020

By Kbahr Yoon | Kbahr Yoon | 9 May 2020

*To Users who have tipped or read my first few posts, thank you, the tips and your KBAT (Kwangs basic attention token, im just kidding not implying a currency at all) for reading my posts has been going a long way even the smallest amount.*
*One last thing before i start i feel as though its not shown enough, I say "Thank you to everyone who goes to work outside your door, the way the world is your truly risking your life to provide a good or service for another so i say thank you.*
I know its definately harder for the ones who are like myself in the middle class and havent gotten aid or it seems as though they are simply messing with you, but thats a different subject altogether.
So to start this article is going to be composed primarily of material from two sources.
but to not be a click poster (one who simply copies and paste everything, basically a 1 hour workup becomes 5 minutes of minimal work.)
i read the material and actually processed it to become my opinion and thoughts on the matter.

The New Millenial (Gold) Rush of 2020
Simply put, The Bitcoin Halving (Halfing?, i had some peers who insisted that they were right.)

What is the Bitcoin Halving(Halfing)?
To truly understand this term a little economics goes a long way. Bitcoin itself was actually a pretty innovative concept, basically a deflationary currency. Where in short terms, the supply or issuance of coins in not infinite such as fiat currency. The amount of awarded bitcoins to the miners (equivalent to farmers to humans) drops or i should say gets slashed in half every 210,000 blocks. this mechanism continues until the award amount reaches zero. this prevents the value of bitcoin to basically become too watered down in a way. look into the term "monetary debasement by inflation".

Pretty smart, right?

So it makes sense that if the demand for bitcoin goes up and the supply has a cap or limit to the total amount, the price will rise astronomically. By the sheer data(numbers hve no perogatory to lie.) i have witnessed and seen myself that this does happen.

The very first bitcoin halving happened 29th of November of 2012. the blockheight at the time was at 210,000. the price was 12.31 USD. On the 10th of July of 2016 at block height 420,000 the second halvening. The price was at 650.63 USD. Now with this approaching halvening on monday 05/12/2020, the price current as of 05/09/2020 appr.12:30 A.M. PST. is 9,700 USD.

Woah what now?




The third time is unevitable, not only did this happen once but twice, a third time is most definately expected.

This protocol, among many others, truly shows how the structure of crypto currency can be superior to fiat currencies basically.

I would say that people who havent looked or taken cryptocurrency seriously, start to now because it will be knocking on your front door soon enough.
I mean theirs even bitcoins atms now and i live in southern california. to my luck one was installed outside my residence at the local gas station. Pretty convenient i have to say. Also i think im the only one was uses it.....

i wish i can spend hours writing but as im pretty sure were all struggling to survive and if this was an hourly gig then shoot id write all day but alas its not.

Anyways thank you for reading and tipping if you do and if you dont that fine as well.

Stay Safe and please use judgement and use your head.

Sources Stated below:


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Kbahr Yoon
Kbahr Yoon

Decentralized, Cryptocurrency, Mining, Blockchain, Defi, Farming, Mexico, Germany, Russia, South Korean.

Kbahr Yoon
Kbahr Yoon

Decentralized, Cryptocurrency, Mining, Blockchain, Defi, Farming, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, South Korean.

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