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Remembering Real Gigs (2 minute read)

By KushT_UK | Kusht_uk | 17 May 2021

Gigs, remember those?! August 2019, thanks to my normal winter break in 19/20, was the last time I got to gig. Lindisfarne 2019 to be exact. So that’s coming up 17 months without a proper gig in sight and from what I’m hearing looking like the entirely of 2021 on hold so possibly 28 months without a gig.




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Things were hard for musicians before the pandemic, things are always hard for musicians, people are still expecting and even hopeful for new music; and mainstreams artists aren’t feeling pressed to release when they can’t tour, that’s where we come in. This year could see middle and lower level, grass roots musicians if you will, take a firmer hold of control in an industry which has never been built for them.



My recommendation is to use ALL extra time provided by the lack of gigs, the need to source gigs and the inability to attend bars to get you social game ON POINT (new article) and to really press streaming services to give us what we deserve for our music.


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I can foresee independent artists boycotting certain services in the near future and hopefully some bigger artists even supporting, we need to think thoughtfully about how we can continue to earn revenue from our music now more than ever and I think covid could be the tipping point to apply more pressure on streaming services to give fair payment rates.



I hope to see you in the battle.




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