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New Project Alert: hiBEANZ Joins KuCoin

New Project Alert: hiBEANZ Joins KuCoin

The NFT market experienced high volatility over the past week, but there was much interest in Blur, especially among whales. However, most blue-chip NFTs witnessed range trading over the previous week. 

A key highlight we have to share is the addition of a new fractional token, the KuCoin platform, in partnership with Fracton Protocol. hiBEANZ allows users to invest in a new project onboarded by KuCoin, BEANZ. 

Read more about the BEANZ NFT project and check out other notable highlights from the NFT market in our latest blog post. 

BEANZ, a crucial component of the AZUKI metaverse, is a cool new NFT project for enthusiasts. With the addition of hiBEANZ on our platform, we are pleased to bring you a low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity as part of our curated selection of high-quality NFT assets with fractionalized ownership. 

Check out more fractionalized blue-chip NFT collections on KuCoin here! 

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