Project update and $ 300 raffle !!!

By StefanCrypto | I need help | 28 Feb 2021

First of all I will do a draw for $ 300 = 3 SPU to use and test the project I am in.

I will do it through one of my publications and with those who participate I will raffle it.

Today I come to tell you about the great update on the project I am in.

Before 1 software called "KUAI" with a value of $ 100 with 1000 days of daily earnings will now be called SPU. Staking Power Unit

With 183 days of operation (6 months) to be able to withdraw your contributed collateral.

Apart from the profits generated by the UPS.

Activation time of 10-13 days.

Before we had 3 different software to generate daily earnings.

LR. Low Risk. $ 100 = 1 "Kuai" duration of 1000 days.

MH.Medium Risk. 100 $ = 1 "Kuai" duration of 1000 days and have a minimum of 3 LR.

HR.Hard Risk.5000 $ = 50 "Kuai" duration of 1000 days and have a minimum of 20 MR.

Now all this is going to change and anyone who is not happy with the project can leave as there will be an update in the pool.

1 week duration then everything will return to normal.

HIGH SPU can be purchased from $ 1000 = 10 SPU. With a duration of 183 days and then you can choose to continue with your software or leave with the investment plus the profits.

SPU can be purchased from $ 100 with the same duration and the same requirements.

It has a fee to access the referral link, Kuailian academy and Crosschangebank which is the official bank of the system that will soon release the card and more updates.

The PRO client fee costs $ 49.95 and you will have access to more things on the platform, as I have said.

If you do not want to pay it, you will have a maximum of 500USD to spend in SPU without having access to Kuailian academy, Referral link, Presentations,


But you can receive benefits for the products purchased.

The referral link for each SPU acquired by the person to whom you sent the link will get 10% of each SPU.

Example. Purchases 1 SPU = $ 100 10% will go to the sponsor. $ 10

20% of the investment goes to the Fast Bonus and 80% to work in the pool.

I will be up to date with the updates and I will comment on my experience.

It offers a real market product that has more than 60,000 clients around the world and growing.

Register the proyect.


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