Earn up to $ 34 by watching videos with Coinbase! Launch Coinbase IPO

By StefanCrypto | I need help | 28 Feb 2021

Hello people, today I come to talk to you about Coinbase and how to earn $ 34 just by watching educational videos about certain cryptocurrencies.

For this you have to verify your identity and security.

To unlock the educational videos you must have bought $ 100 in Coinbase without counting the commission, that is, make a purchase over $ 100 and you will earn $ 10 in BTC and I will earn another 10 for registering with the link and making the purchase.

Coinbase commissions are: 1.49% per normal buy / sell. 3.99% for instant purchase with card.

Easier ever!

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Coinbase has more than 40,000,000 users in more than 120 different countries and is associated with one of the largest banks in Spain BBVA that has a large amount within Coinbase, also other banks such as ING are involved.

Throughout this 2021 they want to go public with Coinbase, that is, to grow much more than it has grown today.

There is no date or time of departure yet, but a large amount of market is speculated on this platform.

At the moment I do a brief summary and I will go deeper.

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Give MG and donate it's free and we all win.

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