Covid-19. Instead of wandering, earn! Quarantine continues.
Covid-19. Instead of wandering, earn! Quarantine continues.

By ilodz24hd | Krytyczny | 10 Apr 2020

Today about the next Faucet Crypto tap. Faucet checked and solvent. Just spend 40 - 60 minutes a day and you get almost 800 coins. But that's not all the possibilities of this tap.


For the more ambitious, who are sitting all the time in front of the computer, the tap recommends additional income. It is enough to click the button every half hour to receive 15 to 35 coins depending on our user level. Every day we also receive a surprise bonus, just click the "Daily Bonus" to become the owner of several dozen coins.

Every 24 hours advertising links are renewed, which just give us 700 to 800 coins. Just enter "Shortlinks" and spend the above mentioned 40 - 60 minutes. That's how much it takes me a day. It can take a lot longer for beginners. Unfortunately you have to have angelic patience, but it's worth it.

This is not the end of Faucet Crypto. You can add rewards for completing surveys, quizzes and various types of questions to earn. Our level increases with each of our activities, as a result of which we receive rewards from time to time, and not small ones. You can also earn money by recommending the tap to friends and other people.

The tap pays out once a day, we have a lot of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Withdrawals can be made to your wallets or in the case of e.g. BTC, ETH to which I think is total nonsense. The tap is checked, I have already made a lot of transfers. Anyway, what can I say a lot, this is my favorite Faucet Crypto.

Below are two pages from my payout history. As you will notice, my favorite currency is RDD, ZEN and DASH. Why? About this in the next part about quarantine and earning at home.




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I'm from Poland. I am looking for a way to earn extra money online. "What would you do here to do nothing and earn" :)

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